Budget Idea #2: I’d Like a Receipt for that, Please!

Originally posted 2018-10-21 12:00:48.

Week #2: We’re focusing on accountability and honesty this week.

Adding to the first week, you’re going to see that $10/day is a tight squeeze, but if you were honest, you managed just fine!

Being accountable (to yourself, your partner, your family – whatever role you play in your home) and honest about your spending habits opens the door to a host of different communication options.

Perhaps you’re overspending on frivolous things, and need to be checked before you run the family into debt.

Perhaps you’re right on target, things are going great, and you’re the role model who has the willpower to say, “No, I don’t need that bagel, I can stick with my pre-made breakfast instead.”

Whatever it is, keeping a receipt of all the things you purchase demands that you are not denying reality.

Many times, the stress of being financially unsettled creates a vicious circle that is horribly difficult to break from.

Two types of this come to mind: The buyer-don’t-think-about-the-money type, and the outright denier of problems. Living paycheck to pay cheque is hard to do no matter what, but adding the stress of “not being able to get my favourite coffee” makes things even worse some how. Don’t think I’m only targeting the tiny purchases; this goes for gambling addictions, television channels purchased for one show a year, etc. Those who use money-lending places ‘to get them through to payday’ – these places KNOW what they are doing. You are putting their great grandchildren through university.

We all go through times when we’re not careful with our spending, but it takes a truly diligently honest person to stop the cycle.

The easiest, and best way to start to get a handle on your financial situation is simple: Be 100% accountable. If you’re not going to be honest, you’re not going to be concerned enough to want to change your situation.

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