Broadcasting from an XBOX one.

Originally posted 2016-11-17 17:00:36.

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As you may know I have lately joined the clan of the XBOX one. I was asked by another member to stream live on it so others could see my efforts. I immediately flew into panic mode. “How do you do that?” I wailed.

After a suitable period of time I realised that I am at home with tech but my OCD personality was worried about the strain on my shiny new XBOX one s. Then I asked the question I should have been asking all along, if the XBOX has the streaming capability built in it must be able to deal with it and playing a game at the same time so how could it put strain on the machine? I worried about my broadband connection too but according to Virgin, my provider, it is faster than greased lightning on steroids. Having run out of excuses I set about finding out how. I used this…..,news-18472.html

While I have vast experience downloading and signing up to various services, the setting up of a Twitch account was not without problems, mainly the need for texts to my phone to confirm who I actually was. I won’t bore you with details though, it all ended up with a shiny new Twitch account too. Next was downloading the Twitch app on the XBOX. This too was easy enough. The app required me to input a code from the website and both XBOX and Twitch site were united.

I think the main problem was that Twitch tends to assume you have a Kinect, which is no longer a given. The One S doesn’t even have support for it any more without an adaptor. Cue much trial and error but the sequence is fairly easy.

  1. Open a supported game, in my case Dishonored and AC Unity so far.
  2. Double tap the controller home button. The new controller has a button which makes this a little tricky but you get the hang of it.
  3. Select the bottom option “Snap an App” and select Twitch which promptly pops up on the right of the screen and your game carries on happily on the left. Selecting various buttons, naming your session and so on eventually leads to the magical ‘Broadcast started’ message. Any related information appears within the Twitch app.
  4. Double tapping the home button again brings up an unsnap button which banishes the Twitch app and gives the game full screen space again but the broadcast goes on until you end the game or snap the app and hit the end broadcast button.

Couple of things. Occasionally the broadcast refuses to initiate and, again by researching the internet on the subject, I found out that the best solution is to hunt among the XBOX settings and clear the MAC address. This requires a restart which is a pain in the posterior.  If you don’t know what the Mac address is you probably don’t need to but the instructions are Here…

This usually solves it.

I have no sound at the moment but if I think it’s worth it I may invest in headphones/Microphone.

The other thing is that streaming is dependant on time and location so in the evening I have no viewers but in the late morning have reached the dizzy heights of 5. Come to think of it Dishonored happily displays a widget telling me how many are viewing while AC Unity doesn’t. I suppose it doesn’t matter as long as you are getting out there.

So if, like me, you find broadcasting your attempts at games is a little scary it isn’t that bad on an XBOX and probably is similar on Windows 10 or PS4 and you soon forget, as you die miserably for the 10th time, that you are being observed. If you have a Twitch account I am Lifebot55 .