Books and Cupcakes: DAY 9

Originally posted 2017-07-09 12:00:33.

Oh the Nostalgia

I’m still in France!! Whatever shall I write about reading now? Let’s see… how about a fun French book!

Perhaps this time, I should choose Anias Nin, or Alexandar Dumas, or Victor Hugo.


Let me just bring you up to speed on how much I love these authors.

Nin was one of the first “erotic” kinds of writers for me. She was beautiful and ragged and broken in such a resplendent way, that I have always wanted to devour her work. She makes a heart thirst for more, and is coy and blunt as the sun is hot and unforgiving. Her characters are always so vibrant and full of passion, and she leaves you like a wrung sponge when you’re done with her words. She eats your soul, says thank you, kisses you softly on the cheek, and asks you if you want some more. Of course you do.

Delta of Venus (came out a couple years after I was hatched in Canada and was published after her death) was on my mom’s shelves, next to Alex Haley’s ROOTS and James Joyce’s shrugs which one would have been there, as she had all his available collection at in paperback while I lived with her. I snuck that book into my room, and that, The Hobbit, and other goodies, lived within the mattresses of my bed for YEARS. Maybe Ms Nin has given me unquenchable desires to have the perfect romance.

Victor legit wrote fanfic and saved the Notre Dame Cathedral. SERIOUSLY. He wrote “Hunchback of Notre Dame” because he heard that they were going to raise it to the ground and he was crushed (pun intended) by the weight of that horrible decision.


VICTOR wrote fanfiction. About a church.

We forget sometimes, that we aren’t the first readers in history. We can also forget that people get inspiration from a variety of things, including buildings they don’t want to see destroyed.


Mr. Dumas will have to wait for my KKM on the 16th.

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