Books and Cupcakes: DAY 3

Originally posted 2017-07-03 12:00:14.

Quick Read

I know this is going to come off as seemingly slightly “but it’s not published yet, you egomaniac!” but just hear me out.

My fastest read (over 380,000 words) is honestly my own sci-fi book. It’s the fourth in a series that will be roughly 20 books long, and I’ve got to bring that word count down significantly, so it’s likely going to be broken into 4-6 books on its own.

I’ve read it in just over eight hours; partially because I know the backstory to all the characters, but also, once you get into it, there’s a pretty decent flow.

I’ve had a few beta readers over the years, and the one thing I actually appreciate is the fact that they are willing to tell me what works and what doesn’t, because ultimately, this will be published, and when it is, I desperately want the world to WANT TO READ it.

So for my first book addiction, I will give you a short synopsis of my sci-fi series:

Roughly 600 years in the future, the Milky Way Galaxy is home to billions of humans who have been borne on the various planets in the solar system, and have developed significant abilities due to their planet’s radiation, water sources, etc. The reason the planets are habitable is due to a significant and debilitating third and fourth world war on Earth.

There are a group of good ones versus some baddies, and they do a bunch of fights and see what the outcome is.

Book #4 introduces the three main characters for the entire series, and takes them from birth until their 6th birthday, and what all they endure and learn in that short span of time.

I’ve been writing about these three since I was 8 years old, and can’t go a single day without thinking about them. They are my constants, my friends, and the best and worst of me inside their characters. Who I want to be, who I try to emulate, who I struggle to learn how to be content with, and who I need to learn how to better than what I write on a page.

The collection of these books have been started numerous times, and the beta readers I have had in the past have requested that I “go back further in the timeline”, in order to tell the story truer and with more clarity and detail.

Here’s hoping I can get them published soon. I just have to stop moving long enough to get stable enough to be secure enough to deal with the rejection that will happen.


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