Book Photo Challenge: Day 18: Winter

Originally posted 2015-12-18 20:00:57.

For this day of Books and Cupcakes, I considered what it meant to be winter. Snow, cold, curled up in blankets drinking hot cocoa, snow days, ice, cookies… all of these things (except snow and cold) are pretty delightful. But when I looked at my childhood books, there were few ‘winter’ books that weren’t ‘Christmas’ books. The Mitten is one of them. It is an old Ukrainian Folktale and it is adorable!

The story is fairly simple. A boy wants snowy white mittens, his grandmother, Baba, knits them for him. She warns him not to lose them in the snow, so inevitably one gets lost. Animals find the mitten and take comfort in its warmth. The thing I love about this story are the illustrations. The pages are beautifully illustrated with rich colors and detail. There are small pictures in the mittens on the sides of the pages that preview what’s happening next.


Finally, another piece of fun, the Author provided resources online to games and masks to be used for a play of this story. Here and here. Check it out!


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