Book Photo Challenge – Day 17: Family

Originally posted 2015-12-17 17:00:30.

For this month’s Books and Cupcakes, we’re focusing on Children’s books. You probably know the story. Family of six (Mum, Dad and four boys) are shipwrecked onto a desert island. They survive by pulling together, building a very cool house (in terms of living quarters they create what amounts to a desert island paradise by the end) and lots of hunting and killing (just for food of course – this isn’t Lord of the Flies). Their lives are never really in jeopardy and they don’t face the loneliness of say Tom Hanks in Castaway (“Wilson!!!”) as they’re all there to support each other. Aww. When I was young I found it a fun read and now it’s the sort of thing that would get me all fired up for a good Minecraft session to see if I could survive on my own desert island – with zombies thrown in for good measure.