Blog Azeroth: Why Sarindre is Sarindre.

Originally posted 2010-10-08 14:21:48.

This week over at Blog Azeroth, Pocketheals wants to know what is in a name. Great topic especially since it is talking about the thing I am worst at…naming my characters! I will sit there for HOURS pouring over the random name generator and typing in different spellings of my favorite names, only to be told they are all taken.

So how did your truly finally name her characters? Well it is a dark tale full of magic and mystery. A tale with wizards and goblins and ghosts and….yeah ok I will stop that right now. In truth most of my characters are named via the random name generator, which I love for that fact alone. But I did make a up few! Let’s take a look at some of my characters naming adventures!

Sarindre – This name was picked by the random name generator. I hit the button around 75 times before this name popped up. I even went PAST the name and had to just remember what it said. I love this name and use it for many other things now, not just for this character.

Calencil – Another random name with the generator. Being my first characer, I was just trying to pick a name quick so that I could play. I think it is really pretty though!

Chicktree – This was not her original name. In fact it was actually Aylice, but when I transferred servers that name was already taken and I needed to pick a new one. I thought I finally would make a character with a kinda silly name, but I had no idea what to call her. My husband at the time was playing a druid named Mantree, and I thought my character should be Chicktree because we healed together, were both Druids, and were always seen around each other.

Aylice – I really really love the name Alice and this was the closest I could get to that name. I love the book Alice in Wonderland and I thought it would be really fun to have a character named after her.

Rambosaur – I honestly have no explanation for this one! 🙂 I think I was feeling a bit silly that day and wanted to make a warrior.

What is in your name?

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