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Want the secret to the easiest (and super delicious) chocolate truffles that everyone will question how long it took you to make? FOUR INGREDIENTS are all you need. ((There are countless optional ideas if you would like to make it fancy as well))

I originally got this idea from over six years ago. Check out the actual recipe for Chocolate Mice and see how amazing they can look.


I will say, it takes forever to make them with all the add-ons (I did the mice – quadrupled the recipe the first time – and it took me and one other person over 6 hours to form them all properly and make them all cute). Let’s just say: Save yourself the time and trouble unless you absolutely have spare time on your hands, and make them fun little bite-sized chocoballs from the onset.

As I said, this is a modified style to the recipe from the site. And I don’t use measuring cups or other things like that. I guesstimate and rarely run into issues. You might want to be a bit more precise though, so I’ll try my best to give good guidelines; if you want the exact specs though, feel free to check out the allrecipes version and follow it. (This is why I’m horrible at recanting recipes!)

The four ingredients: chocolate, sour cream, cookie crumbs, and cocoa powder.


1 package of baker’s chocolate – semisweet (you can use chocolate wafers if you are awesome and have access to a Bulk Barn or other shop which sells them)

1/2-3/4 small container of sour cream

About two 3/4 mug fulls of cookie crumbs (add a little bit more if it is too runny and not thickening up on you. Don’t make it so you can’t stir it though) – 3/4 honey graham cracker cookie crumbs and 3/4 of chocolate cookie crumbs. You can crush oreos or other cookies, but you have to remove the filling or it won’t work. One girlfriend pondered that she might try making the oreo filling into the centre of the truffles. Good luck if you do that, let me know how it turns out!

*cocoa powder to roll them around in after*

1. Get a good-sized microwave bowl, and drop the chocolate squares/discs/wafers, etc into the bowl. Microwave it for exactly 1 minute.


Your chocolate won’t be melted yet, but remember that the microwave cooking continues to cook after it has stopped.

Microwave for another minute, and poke at the chocolate with the spoon in your hand. If you don’t have a spoon, get one. Then poke the chocolate. Don’t do this bare handed, you’ll burn your finger.


If it isn’t collapsing into itself by then, microwave for ONLY ONE MORE minute. Take it out, and you will begin to stir. Get all the bumps and lumps out before moving to step two.

2. Sour cream time. Stop making that face, it is the necessary part to give the fun flavour of the truffles!


(If you are a big whiny baby though you can alter the flavours of the truffles. I’ll give suggestions at the end.) Slowly incorporate the sour cream with the chocolate, and mix thoroughly.


When the fluffier chocolate/cream is mixed together, go ahead to step three.

3. Dump in the cookie crumbs. I prefer a chocolate cookie/honey graham cracker cookie mixture. screenshot-2016-12-15-09-39-41

The flavours are a bit richer then.


Mix that shit together and boom. DONE.


Stick the mixture in the fridge for like two or three hours and then you get to have your hands dirty! ((WASH THEM FIRST)).

Time to play with your balls!

Get a small redneck tupperware container out and dump some of that cocoa powder into it.

I’d suggest making small balls, because these are pretty rich tasting. And you want to have tons of balls in your mouth at once! No judgment; you do you.

Form each ball in the palms of your hands, so they are bite-sized for a natural human. They will warm up slightly in your hands, and that will be perfect to drop them into the cocoa powder, so it will stick nicely. roll those balls around, and you’ve just made your first truffle! Keep it up until you have none of the base mix left.

Refrigerate until you are ready to serve. They will freeze nicely as well.

Total work time: about 20 minutes-ish? And depending on how large/small you make them, you can have anywhere between 24-48. If you eat some of the mix, you might have considerably less. Good job, at least you had your chocolate fix for the day!


If you want to do mice (eww, not like that you perv), get some almond slivers, silver draggees (they are tiny edible silver balls that you see on fancy cakes and cupcakes at bakeries but are at your local grocery store or Bulk Barn), and caramels. Make the caramels into tails and whiskers. Use the draggees for eyes, and the almond slivers for ears.

If you want to make them alcoholic rum balls, just be cool and go do rum balls instead.


these are rum balls.

If you want to put something inside of them, here’s a list of a few (not all obviously, cause you could be evil and stuff marbles or something into them, but then why are you giving people nefarious chocolate?)
– maraschino cherries
– oreo cream balls (that were frozen and wrapped in the truffle mix) — A.K. gets credit for this!
– cashew or some fun little nut like a macadamia
– crystalised fruit pieces

Other options to roll them instead of the cocoa powder: (this has to be dry, so it doesn’t destroy the integrity of the ball shape)
– cookie crumbs
– honey graham cracker crumbs
– confectioner’s / icing sugar
– demerara sugar (it’s large crystalised chunks of brownish raw sugar)
– sprinkles, or nonpareils (candy sprinkle dots)
– cinnamon/sugar mix

Have fun with it. Enjoy!

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