Best Educational Games for Children

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Games are one of the most important aspects of the life for children. Games play a significant role in developing the child’s mind. A significant period of time for some kids is spent playing the video games, so it stands to reason that those games should have an educational component to them. Games range have different several types and genres. There are some useful games for the children as well as violent games and silly time-distracting ones. The useful – educational or fine motor skills building – games include a huge array of options for parents to choose from. These educational games provide the children learning opportunities. The children playing these games can learn a lot which can offer assistance to the parents as well. Parenting becomes easier in case these educational games are added as an essential part of the children routine. The parents often have less time for educating their children, and hence these educational games can certainly play a role in educating them. There are several educational games available and following are some of them:

This can become basically your child’s first school, in video game format!
These are a pretty cool collection of video games for the children before they even enter the school system, be it homeschooled or public or private or specialised. It can also be very useful for the preschoolers, to work on fine motor skills, problem solving, and even social interaction with people/characters not in their home. It teaches several good things to the children, like how to distinguish letters from number, shapes, and colours by using things like animated fish. It acknowledges the basic skills to the children. It provides them the learning skills and identification skills. These are an easier game selection for the children than other games geared toward older children. They can play the game with ease and with the basic skills that they possess at that smaller age. These games can also sharpen the minds of the children. They can have the time for playing with the fish, dragging and tapping them and watching their reaction.

This is one of the most interesting and exciting games. This is a game for relatively older aged children and is best for the 6 up to 12 year olds. This is a fun problem solving side scroller type game that is reminiscent of Mario’s early days. There are objectives to clear each level, and bees to avoid. Fun game for sure.
Scout’s ABC Garden
This is a fascinating video game specifically for the children aging from 2 to 4 years. This game has different learning opportunities for relatively smaller children. This is a greatly useful educational game for kids because this game is one of the series by the Leap Frog which stars the green puppy. The name of that green puppy is Scout. The game is called the Scout’s ABC Garden because Scout is the name of the Puppy. It helps the children in learning colours and names of food. It includes the children to find hidden objects, count the water drops, and grow letters. Scout teaches the children the way to count and how to share.

Dinosaur Park Math
This video game is the one that the children will find quite interesting. It gives an experience of the Jurassic Park to the children. It is best suitable game for the children aging from 8-14. This teaches them the basic operations in the mathematics. For example, it teaches what would be the answer from 11-7. This game also teaches the children the existence of fossils and dinosaurs. Hence, it is a quite useful educational game, for math, history, and names of the dinosaurs that existed millions of years ago.
Smarty Pants
Smarty pants is a video game suitable for the children of all ages. It is not quite the same as some other trivia game because it has gameplay focused at various ages. This makes it simple for everybody in the family go play along and dodges that terrible generational question. It is likewise extremely comprehensive of various nationalities and can be separated from particular nations.

My Word Coach
This is probably one of fascinating educational video games. It is basically for the children from the ages 10-18. It focuses on teaching the children about different words. It developed the learning ability of the child. It enables them to join the different words.

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