Be Kind.

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Avoid drama and negativity.
Be kind.

In the Geeky Creative Journey (or aka Geeks Get Creative), I have issued different mini challenges. One such particular one – in which they are all cumulative and must remain once they are in practice – is to start with a day, and then a week, and from then on, look for ways to represent yourself as a positive person, instead of disseminating negativity and creating a drama.

I’ll give you a for instance: I am a HUGE animals rights person, yet I do eat meat. I do not believe that we have evolved past the stage that we no longer require the protein in our lives to properly sustain us without it, but I do understand vegetarians, and vegans. I have tried out both aspects of dietary life, and they (obviously) did not work for me, for various reasons. This doesn’t mean that I will sit down and eat a steak every night of the week (truth be told, I rarely ever desire red meats as I’m more of a carnivorous fish than anything – yes, I will prey on shrimp. Yummy, yummy shrimp. If you weren’t meant to be so tasty, you shouldn’t have been able to be lightly tossed with some s&p and butter and then thrown in with some alfredo sauce… where am I going with this? I’m not making a recipe. Oh I need an adult right now!)…
Let me try that again.

Being that I am aware of the fact that many of my friends have different dietary requirements (diabetes, breast feeding newborns, etc.) and those who have decided to make specific restrictions in their diets due to whatever form of education and instruction they have chosen to agree and adhere to, no matter what, at the end of the day, only I decide the food I will put in my mouth. I don’t pay their grocery/electricity/gas bills, and as such, when I am not hosting them (in which case I’m not going to be a rude body part and make them endure something they wouldn’t eat), I do not go looking for fights with them. They decide what they put in their mouth. Only them. If they do not wish to endure the intestinal aches that peppers are going to give them, why the hell do I think it’s my right to tell them they have to eat peppers every day? Posting that kind of thing creates a drama.

Same applies for animal rights.
I love felines. All breeds, but there is a specific group of cats that is very dear to my heart for the oddest of reasons, and it’s not because they are my favourite breed. Far from it in fact. But I love the snow leopards. Sadly, there aren’t very many left in their natural habitat, because humans are stupid and cruel and selfish. But instead of being so crass as to post pictures of their carcasses on my wall forcing people to see the horror they have to endure because of their gorgeous fur coats, I post all the KITTEN pictures with links on what GOOD is being done to help them instead. And I’m happy to say, it’s had it’s effect positively – as at least eight (that I’m aware of as of this article) people on my friend’s list were not aware of their plight, are now in love with the animals, and are actively contributing to help make the tomorrows better for the snow leopards.

I can sit here and list all the causes and things I feel passionately about, but that’s not going to excite or enflame you the way it does for me without understanding WHY. I do not align myself with gory ‘shockucation’ – I don’t even know if they’d like to be classed as that, but there are groups out there that would rather show you the rotting bodies than the babies who are being carefully trained in order to properly sustain life and breed out in the wild under protected circumstances. I don’t understand why you’d want to tell everyone horrifying news, rather than delightful news. I guess I never understood the salacious gossip/multi-car pileup/serial killer body count stories. Then again, I haven’t owned a television, nor do I have the desire to ever read, see, or learn about “news”. If it wants to be entertainment value, it should stop calling itself news, and list itself as what it truly is: made up shock stories to make rich people richer, and poor people less educated. But I’m not going to climb up on a soap box about that particular subject today.

When we educate without violence, propaganda, dissemination of ulterior motives, and fear tactics involved, we are capable of reaching a broader audience that will be more apt to listen, understand, and appreciate the time and effort put into something we believe in.

I want to fight for causes that are worth fighting for; big or small, be it mine, my friends, or their 4th cousin’s roommate’s uncle’s CEO’s housekeeper’s nephew’s girlfriend’s cause. I want everyone’s journeys to have better days, become creative, beautiful entities in the universe, that can shine so brightly, they can’t help but make the world a brighter place with their goodness.

Instead of telling you what my views of equality are, I’d rather tell you the real, true, honest, most incredible love story that I watched with my very own eyes, and grew up seeing as the benchmark of how to properly love another human being. The dichotomous relationships that were juxtaposed from that one loving relationship, proved to me from a very very tender age that was what I wanted to experience; not just as a human, but as a friend, a loved one, and as a partner.

I will go back to this story, as it needs proper centre stage for the telling, for me to do justice to my nanny and poppy, but suffice to say, if you know the story already, you are one of the few who I have trusted with that so far, and you know the depth and can see why when I say I am passionate about my beliefs, they are incredibly well founded and I am properly educated and informed on the subject.

That’s not to say that someone can’t bring new information and PROOF that will open me to new understanding and acceptance, but as Bill Nye said over years ago during a “debate”, one single, peer reviewable (and validated, substantiated, and guaranteed) piece of provable fact is all it would take to change my entire belief structure on a topic. Tangible, credible, and sustainable proof. This isn’t heading toward a theological commentary; what people believe in their own home, as long as it doesn’t hurt or alter how others (especially including children) are allowed to walk through this world, is up to them. The minute someone tries to change MY life with THEIR beliefs, that’s when we will have a … strongly worded conversation. But time and place, and I’m not here to tell you how to live your life. I want to give you tools that HELPED me, as do friends of mine, want to give you tools on what HELPED them.

So what does all this amount to in the aspect of being kind and don’t spread drama?
Well, let me explain it this way, and bear with me if you’ve heard me say it before. I believe I originally read it from the Reader’s Digest back in 1983 or something, so it’s obviously pretty powerful stuff if I’ve held onto it that long. And yes, for those still sitting on your tiny kindergarten squares in the front row, that was when dinosaurs roamed and they had barely thought of things like paper, let alone computers…

There are (more than) two ways to say something: (I’m obviously going to only for the sake of brevity focus on two, and stop laughing, as it would be at least 19x longer if I listed them all, smartass).

“Your face could slow the hands of time.” << If this is said on a first date, there’s definitely [likely] going to be a second.
“Your face could stop a clock.” <<< uh…

I think when you finish chuckling, you’ll notice they have similar aspirations, just one happened to figure out how not to get glared at, whilst the other is more likely to be lucky if that’s *all* they manage to endure. The sentiment “you are beautiful” kind of gets lost in translation, but it IS there.

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