Back into the Groove

Originally posted 2015-03-16 18:00:00.

What can I say; two small children take up most of your WoW time, heck, even just your free time suffers. But since the baby is now older and sleeping well and through the night, WoW has taken over our nightly routine again. Frankly, this could not make me happier! I love spending my free time WoWing it up. I’m in a more casual guild, which is great for when there are children issues, and I still get to raid. Win win! I think it helps take a lot of the pressure off. If we cannot raid because of family issues it is ok, everyone is very understanding. It makes me think back to the hardcore raiding days where we spent HOURS, yes you read that correctly, HOURS just prepping for a raid. Plus we would spend hours raiding (about 15 hours a week). I was the healing coordinator for our guild and this is when it was very important to have healers in the right groups because of buffs and in certain proximity due to game mechanics. For 10 mans it was not so bad, but in 25 mans, I would print out floor plans and draw up where everyone would be standing. That was a ton of work. I was also the DKP master and we let you use the points for the boss you would just kill, talk about a numbers nightmare. I will not lie; there are times where I miss that type of raiding. There was a certain thrill to it, and the sense of accomplishment that was there when you finally got that boss down that you spent so much time preparing for. Not that I do not feel that now being more casual, I definitely do, but when you are competing to be the first guild on the server with ten people to have the Armani War Bear from Zul’aman, that is a rush.

Now that I am getting back into the raiding scene, I have been feeling confident and comfortable with my abilities. Everyone knows that when you have not ridden a bike for a while it can take a minute until you are not shaky. WoW is the same. You fudge a little bit, you might miss heal a tank (opps), or sometimes you might just not have the finger groove anymore. Trust me, it gets better. Research your class, learn your spells, and make sure you are not missing something.

Over the next week or so, I am going to do a few posts about addons, healing as a WoD druid, and show off my UI a bit since it has changed since this post and this post.

Happy Healing!

PS – I love the Garrisons, such a fun aspect they added to the game! The missions are like a city building game to me, you know the ones where you have to build a building and come back in an hour so you can build another building? I get addicted to those, so yes I am on WoW at 5:45 am every morning doing my Garrison missions, no judgement…

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