August Book Photo Challenge – Day 3: Your Bookshelves

Originally posted 2016-08-03 08:00:20.

Day 3 of the August Book Photo Challenge from Books and Cupcakes! Today’s prompt is “Your bookshelves.” I have lots of bookshelves in my house, so I decided to use the handsomest one. And my favorite book on my handsomest shelf  (or any shelf) is The Lord of the Rings, by J.R.R. Tolkien. I did not start out with this sweet hardcover copy with the gilded pages. This was a gift from a close friend after we collectively ruined the paperback edition I bought in high school. Basically, by reading it too much… although the paperback edition I had of the full trilogy and annexes was a little flimsy. I couldn’t stand to have this fancy edition up on the shelf without a nice copy of The Hobbit to match. Obviously.