August Book Photo Challenge – Day 23: Fictional BF/GF

Originally posted 2016-08-23 08:00:29.

Day 23 of the August Book Photo Challenge from Books and Cupcakes! Today’s prompt is “Fictional BF/GF.” Well, my boy is always and forever going to be Bilbo Baggins. He was my secret crush. Literally. When the book was discovered when I was little, my first copy of The Hobbit was burned before my eyes. I’ve since owned… I honestly have lost count how many copies of that book I’ve owned, but I’ve cried on Bilbo’s shoulder, I’ve whispered my secrets to him, and I’ve learned how to be brave and strong and not be scared of things bigger than me (I’m 5’1″, so hobbit life for me eternally!). Trust me; Bilbo and I have a pure, deep, true, and unabashed love that goes far deeper than this can show.

There is honestly no other character that has protected me the way he has, so it’s kind of pointless at this point to try to pick a female character who has meant to me as he has/does/will continue to henceforth until my final breath.

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