August Book Photo Challenge – Day 10: Favorite Author

Originally posted 2016-08-10 08:00:12.

Day 10 of the August Book Photo Challenge from Books and Cupcakes! Today’s prompt is “Favorite Author.” Why oh why did I pick this prompt. This has got the be the hardest one ever! Suffice it to say I do not just have one favorite author but about 100. However, for today’s prompt, I have narrowed it down to three…I think…I hope…we will have to see when this post is done.

Stephen King

The man, the myth, the legend. I have been reading his novels since I could pretty much read and they have shaped much of my interests when it comes to what type of books I enjoy. Now everyone has favorites of his like The Shining or The Stand or any number of his many hits, but my personal favorite is The Girl who Loved Tom Gordon. I was young when I read it and could feel myself getting pulled into the fear and illusion of the situation. Read Stephen King, read everything by him. Enjoy everything from It to Joyland!


Neil Gaiman 

I did not start reading any work by Gaiman until was in college and was in a class called Gothic Imagination. Seriously, not only did this class make me a better writer, but it changed my life with the books that we read. I believe it was the second book read in class, Neverwhere, was something that I was not expecting. The writing was beautiful, the story was deep and imaginative, and the character development left me craving more. Once I got a dose of Gaiman, I could not stop. I have been gobbling up his work ever since and each one is better and better. One of my all time favorites is American Gods and it is even being made into a TV series soon! I am beyond excited! Make sure you check out his short stories which are enchanting.


Paul Tremblay 

Last but not least, and really not even last on my long list, is Mr. Tremblay. I could talk about this man’s works ALL DAY. That is no lie. The first of his novels that I devoured was A Head Full of Ghosts. Wow…just wow. I loved the overall feel of the book and how it pulled me in from the first sentence (I wrote a review on it too!). From that book, which I recommended to all my friends and they loved it too, I moved onto In the Mean Time which was one of the most amazing grouping of short stories I have ever had the pleasure of reading. I wrote a review on this one too! With his newest work Disappearance at Devil’s Rock  left me in tears as he tackled a multitude of emotions. Read Paul Tremblay, do it now and I promise you will not be sorry!


Thank you Mr. King, Mr. Gaiman, and Mr. Tremblay for enriching our lives with your written words!

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