Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Review: A Return Home

Originally posted 2015-10-31 12:00:07.

Hi everyone, welcome to my first review this will be of the game Assassin’s Creed Syndicate. I’ve beaten every game in this series except for Rogue, and Liberation. So I have a decent background. Knowing that let’s get started.Frye Twins

For those unaware Assassin’s Creed is a game series where you the player take control of an assassin at some point in the past. This game takes place in 1868 Victorian London. At first the atmosphere seems bleak, boring, and just stale. After time though the atmosphere grew on me to a point where its now my favorite setting in the series. The sound of trains, Big Ben thunderous chimes in the background, horse carriages galloping down streets. The sights and sounds of London are truly magnificent. As for the main characters this series has had many ups, and downs. This however is definitely a positive here. Jacob and Evie Frye are twins that although not from London fit in very well. There dynamic banter, along with their own personal quandaries with each other makes the characters feel alive.  Now that we have everything set up let’s get to the actual game play.

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate is still made using the engine which Unity was made on. For those of us that have been faithful you know how horrible that game was in every regard. Ubisoft made a really ingenious design decision going into syndicate. The rope launcher was added which allows the assassin to scale buildings incredible quickly. Or to swing from building to building similar to Batman’s bat claw. However unlike the bat claw the rope stays until you are off of the rope, this opens up the ability to use the rope launcher as a perch to assassinate from the air.  It also covers up a glaring flaw in the game. The parkour is exactly the same as in Unity which means that it once again is awful. It is slightly improved, but still has glaring issues where some ledges are not climbable, or where u fall for no reason. The rope launcher allows you to skip most of the parkour which overall helps the game tremendously.

Combat in the game has been sped of tremendously. It is just a button mashing combat system though. The executions and different weapons at least vary enough to keep the combat from being stale. Once again the game increases its rpg elements with a pretty decent gearing system. The main new attraction for this is the addition of a talent tree. It allows you to further differentiate between the twins. Jacob is meant more for being a brawler, while Evie is centered around stealth through the stats. This could have been so much more though in my opinion as by the end you have all but 3 talents that are only usable by one character. I wish the game would’ve continued to emphasize the different play styles, but that’s just me. Also on a side note if you’re looking for a difficult game, this game is not it. I maybe died 5 times due to actual things in the game. The other approximately 7 deaths were from bugs in the game. The game has quite a few of those bugs, but most of them don’t affect the game and are just hilarious. One such bug I was in a chase on foot attempting to tackle a target. I turned a corner to go under the bridge; a carriage fell through the bridge, and killed me. I was a tad mad, but now I think it’s truly hilarious.

Of course a lot of people I know have made comments about the story in the games. Mainly the current time storyline if you don’t like that don’t worry they’re just a few cut scenes. The story is pretty basic your goal is to liberate London. Even though the story is basic it still has more smiles, and more memorable moments then many of the other Assassin’s Creeds. The main villain is a tad boring; however some of the surrounding characters are quite a treat. At one moment in the story one of the villains does something so ridiculous I burst out in laughter for a couple minutes. The best part of the story is the memories that involve the historical figures. Going around looking for a hallucinogenic plant, saving people from a bad london

It’s time that I told you my final verdict. Syndicate is a return to the series roots, by no means is it perfect. If you’re looking for the next Witcher, or Metal Gear Solid you won’t find it here. If you’re looking for a game to bring back the feel of the old Creed games. You’ve found it after all these years after all the struggles Assassin’s Creed finally returned to the greatness that was. A truly remarkable game, that provided me around 25 hours of entertainment. That’s why I give this game a 9/10. Please note that if you’ve played an assassin’s creed game and didn’t like it. This game will not change that in the slightest. Also Evie Frye is amazing that’s all.