Anime Review: Anti-Magic Academy Ep.1

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Ok..ok…ok……..OKAY. Now that my initial excitement has calmed down and I’ve had 2 watches of the first episode; I’m beyond hooked. Within the first 15 minutes of this series it had it all: action, humour, suspense and intrigue. Some unnecessary fan service for the guys, but hey, it’s anime and you just gotta roll with the punches on that one. The characters are fun, the story is dark, the animation is TOP NOTCH, I’m going to come right out and say this is the clear front runner as the stand out for the Fall 2015 season. It could even be the next SAO or Attack on Titan in terms of popularity. It has all the makings of something really special.

Getting to the story, we drop in on the everyday shenanigans of the 35th platoon, the “Small Fry Platoon”. A typical group of failures training to become witch hunting Inquisitors in a world now ravaged by war and magic. Kusanagi, the commander of the platoon, followed by Usagi and Suginami are soon joined by disbarred witch-hunter (and general badass) Ootari Ouka. Together they try to take on a mission that seems easy enough for them but is not without its dangers. Infiltrate a guarded room and recover a book infused with magic capable of driving people mad and committing suicide, what could go wrong? Well, this is the Small Fry Platoon and a hell of a lot can. Kusanagi and Ootari show an immediate chemistry that makes you wonder if they are going to be more than just comrades. However, Usagi almost blows the whole thing with a very sigh-tastic moment, she’s not exactly the brains of the group but she is pretty great with a sniper rifle. I’ll leave the rest of that as a surprise if you decide to check it out (YOU BETTER). Last but not least, Suginami is an expert weapon maker and better behind a computer than in the field. Her character chimes in with some fun comedic relief and her relationship with Kusanagi is a deep one that isn’t fully fleshed out; I’m really excited to see more.

Onto the last 10 minutes of the episode! You get some very exciting fight scenes with Kusanagi displaying a magic ability with his samurai sword (which he’s made fun of for using), he’s clearly holding back after Suginami calms him down from going all super saiyan on us. What is he hiding? Either way, he’s clearly a very capable Inquisitor in the making despite his past failures. Moving on, Ootari crashing in and showing off her skills really shows just how big the skill divide is between her and the platoon but it’s nice to see her not totally give up on them after their screw ups. Furthermore, you discover Ootari’s pure hate for the witches and her quest for revenge since they killed her family in the past causing her to give up everything just to stop them. Upon learning this, Kusanagi refuses to give up on her and to help her in her quest. Clearly she doesn’t realize it, but she needs this platoon as much as they need her.

Finally, I took a chance on this new series and it blew me away, to the point where I put reviewing Umaru-Chan on hold. It has all the makings of an all-time great, let’s hope it can keep up the pace and really deliver. There is a lot of history that hasn’t been touched on and abilities that aren’t fully explained but it’s an absolute home run. Check it out on Crunchyroll!

I give it 10 samurai swords out of 10 platoons.

As for a rating, it is definitely aimed at an older audience(15+) for violence and sexual moments

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