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Originally posted 2017-03-07 20:00:07.

Well met!
Ok, I admit it. I’m kind of well… a nerd. *GHASP* I know. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, we can get to the fun stuff. I’m pretty new here, so let me tell you a little about myself and how I came to be the way I am. Exciting! Not. No one really likes writing about themselves, do they?
I grew up on a small family farm in Western Pennsylvania, so you’d probably think I’d be more “redneck” than nerd. Well. My mom is a HUGE Treckie/Star Wars/LOTR fan, and that’s pretty much where my nerdy roots started. I grew up the ways most farm kids do: chores! Bottle feeding calves, pulling weeds, hauling and unloading hay, collecting eggs, you name it, I’ve probably done it. You see a lot and learn a lot about life growing up that way, and I kind of wish everyone could.
My mom was an avid reader, so I grew up with books. I spent most of my free time (HA!) reading books my mom had, which were mostly sci-fi. I read the Hobbit and LOTR trilogy before the Sorcerer’s Stone came out. I read most of those Harry Potter books in one to two days, with my mom reminding me to eat and go to bed. My mom watched shows like Stargate: SG1, Farscape, Seven Days, and, well, you get the idea. I fell in love with all things sci-fi/fantasy. I continue to read, when I have time. My favorite authors right now are Patricia Briggs, Kevin Hearne, and Kristen Britain. Don’t get me wrong, my dad watched Dukes of Hazzard and THE Duke, so I have a sincere love of the Wild West and moonshine runners. I also read a lot of western novels, and still will occasionally. Louis Lamour and JRR Tolkein were my childhood.
My mom is, and my grandmothers were, also very crafty. Consequently, I started crafting at a young age. My mom taught me how to sew, crochet, and embroider.  The other things I picked up along the way. I think my paternal grandmother bought me one of those little kid sewing machines when I was about 6 or so. She tried to teach me how to quilt, but I was too young to really concentrate and wanted to be outside climbing trees anyway.  To date, I still retain all those skills, and have added some basic scrapbooking, shuttle tatting (still in progress), and painting (thank you high school art class) to the list. I took a ceramics class in college, but the professor didn’t like my work, so I dropped it and never looked back.
Growing up the way I did, you would think I grew up a hunter as well. I didn’t. In elementary school, we were introduced to this thing called band. I learned to play the flute, and I was lost to my father as far as any outdoor sports went. In high school, I played in concert band, flute choir, and marching band. My summers were filled with band camp (haha), my falls with practice and football games, and my winters with more practice and concerts. Only recently have I dipped my toes into the hunting world. I have to say, I’m a little sad I didn’t start sooner. This spring will mark the start of my second year as a “hunter,” with my second spring gobbler hunt. I currently hunt with rifles and shotguns, and someday hope to get into archery.
In high school, I had a very hard time deciding what to do with my life. I was second in my class, so everyone expected college for my future, so I went. I really didn’t know what I wanted to do, but started as an interior design major at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania. About halfway through my time there, I had a change of heart/quarter life crisis/whatever. I switched to biology during my junior year. I DO NOT recommend doing this. I ended up spending 5.5 years there as a result, because well, art classes don’t count for credits in science. Go figure. So, I have a degree in that, and haven’t decided what I’m doing with it yet. I work as a veterinary assistant currently because I was going to use it to go to vet school, but that’s real hard to get into. I’m not really upset about it anymore, because I don’t really think I want that stress now. I am considering getting my Ph.D. though… I must be nuts.
Now, about that greeting: video games. My childhood was plagued with them. THE Nintendo came out when I was a kid. My best friend had one, we didn’t. She had this thing, Mario Paint, which was neat, but not really my thing. We had an Atari, which my mom loved. She grew up playing Pac Man in the arcade. My brother finally talked our mom into getting a Playstation. You know, the gray box, the first one? Crash Bandicoot and Spyro were my jam. He was more of a Solid Snake and Siphon Filter kinda kid. In high school, I had a friend with a WoW account. I played a little, but it wasn’t my account, so I didn’t get far. My brother’s best friend had Diablo. Blizzard became my second gaming love. In college, that friend from high school gave me his WoW account, and I became a “raider” shortly after my now husband and I started dating. My shaman was a beast. His rogue was beastlier. We quit playing some time during Draenor. I recently (like in the last two months) picked it back up VERY casually. I’m still 108… We played Diablo 3 for several seasons, but not the most recent two I think. We played Witcher 3 and loved it. I played Destiny, but got bored after the 5th boss was the same as the last 4, so I never made it to max level. My third gaming love became Bioware after we bought THE trilogy for pretty cheap. I’ve played the whole thing probably 3 times and the third installment at least twice that. I played Dragon Age: Inquisition as well, and will probably go back and play the other two eventually, but right now, I’m counting down the days until Andromeda launches.
Walk with the Earth Mother.

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