Achievement win!

Originally posted 2010-08-24 08:46:05.

Since we beat The Lich King in 10s, we have been doing hard modes and working on the achievements. Well last night we got to cross another off our list: All You Can Eat, the Sindragosa stack achievement. That one is  a pain in the butt, though easier now with the 30% buff.

Now all we have left to do is The Lich King achievement (which we would have had last night but our tank never told us he had to leave early and just left), Hard Mode Professor, Hard Mode Sindragosa, and the most embarrassing to admit Hard Mode Dreamwalker.

You may wonder how Heroic Dreamwalker is such a pain for our group. Here is the make up we run with:

Resto Druid

Resto Shammy

Disc Priest

Prot Pally

DK Tank




DPS DK (my husband who will also play on his Shammy if we need the heals)

Last spot filled with either another Hunter, a Warrior, a Boomkin, Lock, or another Mage. We have about 14 people in the group and will rotate depending on who needs bosses.

Most of the healing is done by me and the Resto Shammy. The Disc Priest is just not very good. Nicest guy on the planet though. For Dreamwalker, we usually have our Resto Shammy go in the portals and have a mage bring his Pally. But for some reason the heals are just not happening fast enough. I stay outside and heal the raid but my mana is always an issue for a few reasons. The first is that the frostbolts are not getting interrupted very well and when they hit me I am losing too much mana. The next reason is that the Pally tank will not cleanse himself from the bad and takes a lot of damage. And finally that dang black circle of doom is always casted on me and I am slowed and lose all my mana!

I think I just hate this fight because I would love to go into the portals. I think it would be a blast and I would even spec for Healing Touch spam! But, they do not want anyone else healing the raid (even though it has been fail each time), so I am stuck out there. The fight in general is just frustrating. I am always being chased by an add and having to run for my little tree life.  I think I would rather fight Sindragosa Hard Mode each week than ever touch Dreamwalker.

Now we are stuck in this limbo of Hard Mode bosses. We made attempts at Professor Hard, which is really not that bad, but we had fail on the disease. We also did Sindragosa Hard a few times, which is like eating shards of glass. I am hoping that next week we can get one of these bosses down so that we can get our pretty mounts!…even though I love swift flight form too much to ever use it…. =/

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