A Woman of Many Hats

Originally posted 2015-10-29 17:00:05.

I’ve been around for awhile. My first gaming console was “Pong.” My oldest child is a sophomore in college. I saw the original “Star Wars” in the theater…when it came out the first time. Tom Baker is the only Dr. Who I have any concept of.

First and foremost I’m a wife and mother. Along with my college kid, I have a child in high school and another in jr. high. I’m a soccer mom, hardcore. My weekends are spent on the pitch in cities far and wide supporting my kids.

I’m also a writer. I lean towards dark urban fantasy although I will stray into other genres on occasion. I’ve got a few completed novels under the belt, all of them moldering on my hard drive at present.

I like video games. No, I love video games. I’m pretty much a World of Warcraft player now. I didn’t start playing until 2009 (I think, I started right after 3.3.3 came out). I also play Diablo 3, Heroes of the Storm and Hearthstone. And yes, I’m dying to try Overwatch. I also go Old School and play the old city building games like SimCity 4 and the Impressions Games series. I’ve also been known to hit the WiiU and Xbox for some fun.

I don’t consider any of these facets of my life exclusive to one another. They interconnect with one another, providing balance. I suppose this is my thing: balance. Finding balance is a constant in my life and I hope this is what I can contribute to the site. Thanks to the folks at “Geeks and Geeklets” for giving me the opportunity to share.