A Walking Dead Review: “Walk With Me,” Episode 3, Season 3 of The Walking Dead

Originally posted 2017-12-09 12:00:31.

I did not write about last week’s episode (“Seed”) because it seemed like a filler episode. I assumed that after episode 3, I would surely have a lot more to say. So here I sit, after having watched “Walk With Me,” and all I can think about is the governor’s strange taste in aquatic décor.

Perhaps more important than the fish tanks full of zombie heads is the fact that our beloved band of survivors is nowhere to be found in this installment. Sure, there is certainly a need to set up what is going on over in the good town of Woodbury, but for an entire episode? Not even one glimpse of the prison? Maybe the writers are trying to downplay the obvious parallels that could be drawn between the governor and Rick, or maybe they are trying to save the full impact for a later date. Regardless, if we did not already know Rick’s story and we were thrown in with him when he shot the lead prisoner last week, we might not think of him as such a nice guy. But, we know his backstory, so his actions are not so black and white. Since we know nothing of the governor other than the fact that he once had a family and that he enjoys having a nice night cap while staring at decapitated former humans, it is easier to assume that he is bad.

And then there’s Michonne. There was quite a buzz surrounding the arrival of this character, but she really hasn’t done too much other than dragging around her pets and glaring at anyone and anything that looks her way (special thanks to Trey for noting Michonne’s blistering stare). If an entire episode is going to be dedicated to Michonne and Andrea’s abduction into Woodbury, then maybe we can get a little backstory with Michonne? Or she can decapitate some living people? That would have been a bit more climactic than her smoldering re-execution of the pets.

The bottom line is that I miss the original crew. “Walk With Me” might actually be a really good episode – I acknowledge that. But, I cannot wrap my mind around the fact that I have no idea what’s going on with my peeps. Did Lori have her zombie baby? Is she dead? Did Rick kill her? Maybe I’ll warm up to the good ol’ town of Woodbury, but for now there’s too much going on over at the home front for me to care.

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