82 and Counting!

Originally posted 2011-02-25 14:20:42.

So being 82 and about halfway to 83 is kinda exciting, especially since I only need to get to 85 this time. Granted, I would rather not level at all, but at least it is way more fun again, almost like it was in BC.  I have not had a chance to do any dungeons yet, I would hate for the baby to wake up in the middle of one and have to bail. As always, I am leveling Resto and following my husbands DPS around to level faster. I do cast Wrath and Moonfire, but he usually kills things way too fast. Being Resto does allow him to pull a large amount of targets and not be afraid of dying, which is always a bonus.

As I was saying, I feel they have taking a lot of the daunting work out of leveling. I used to loathe having to grind all the way, but the new quests are simpler and much easier on the gathering scale. I will not lie, there are still gathering quests, and with two people questing together it can get rather annoying. But I have noticed that the drop rate of items is way better than ever. It finally does not take 30 minutes or more for 2 people to complete the gather quests. Bravo Blizzard.

Another happy change is the way swimming works. I will not lie, when I heard about all underwater zones, I was pretty nervous. I have always hated the way swimming worked in WoW, heck in every game that has some sort of underwater moving. However, I think Blizzard has made it a lot better. For one, the ability to run on the bottom of the ocean is pretty great and makes moving around easy. Granted I can just go into swim form and move quickly in any way but running at the bottom was simple and I did not get all turned around like I usually do. Secondly, the mount quest is easy, fast, and very early on allowing everyone to get a fast way of moving underwater. I do love the Seahorse mount and at first I used it, that was until I noticed that Porpi form (what I call swim form) is just as fast as the mount, that is if you have the glyph for faster swimming. I thought this was pretty cool, my husband, however, thought it was druid cheating at its best!

As far as class changes, I really have not had the time to notice. I mostly run (actually swim) around, throwing Moonfires and Rejuves. Plus, with the baby we are leveling as quickly as possible so I do not have much time to sit and analyze as of yet. The one change that I did take a look at was the Tree of Life Form, just the form not the major changes yet. Once I saw there was a glyph to not look…well like an ugly tree anymore, I rushed off to the AH to buy it and have not looked back! I am happy that I can look like myself again, even if it is only for a few seconds.

I do plan on taking a closer look at the class, talents, and spells here soon. I just need to wait for the weekend (tomorrow yay!) when there is more time and there are two of us around for baby duty.

What do you think of the new zones? How is the underwater level treating you? Better than before?

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