52 Shades of Fitness – Geek Style

Originally posted 2015-08-28 12:00:20.

Today marks the beginning of Week One for 52 Shades of Fitness – Geek Style.  Welcome aboard the fitness train, I’m your captain, WoWMeaghan.

End goal for next year at this time: Lose 100lbs and magically grow a butt.  I have picked three things I want to focus on:

  1.  Easy Food Prep <— Probably biggest goal for the next year.  For real.
  2.  Eliminating Trigger Foods from diet
  3. And find quick and efficient work outs for us on the go moms!

Totally not afraid to admit my current weight: 230lbs.  At 5 foot 3 inches, this puts me at obese.. Beyond obesity actually.



Does being fat bother me? No, I am very proud of my curves (Minus the lack of junk in my trunk).  But, I no longer can play horsie with my daughter, I don’t sleep well, my bones ache, and the list continues to grow each month I let my weight remain the same (Or, in some cases, gain more weight).  I have to take all of these symptoms as a sign, that my body is in fact, not okay with being over weight.

A little bit about me: I can’t eat a lot of spices, fruits, veggies, garlic, or onion.  But I do anyway because they just happen to be some of my favorite foods.  To sum up my rather long and boring medical history: after a year of trying things out, I was diagnosed with IBS which is essentially a catch-all for stomach issues when nothing comes back positive.Over a year ago, my close friend and I began working out and taking steps towards becoming a healthier person, and a better role model for our children.  Yesterday, she posted this fantastic Transformation Tuesday picture:


Emmakenzies_mommy’s Transformation Tuesday Picture

She posts some wonderful videos and pictures of her fitness journey.  You can find her Instagram account Here!

So yeah.  This is supposed to be me too. But life happens, we get busy, and on a list of things to do working out and eating right always seems to fall off the “Completed” list.  So, next week I will be summarizing this week up in a nut shell!!  I look forward to hearing your stories and journeys through the fitness world as well!

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