52 Shades of Fitness – Fitness Friday!

Originally posted 2015-09-04 12:09:13.

It’s been a brutal week – I’m still drinking pop, I gave in and had McDonalds on the first day of classes, and I somehow contracted a summer/fall cold!

But you know what? That’s okay.  I walked 2 miles on the first day of school, I choose to eat a salad instead of the yummy delicious chicken bake I made for a potluck, and I was active every day.  Okay I skipped one day to sleep (I really wasn’t feeling well what so ever).

I’ve come across a dilemma – my classes end around lunch time.  I will have a 2.5 year old with me who will need to eat – Do I pack a lunch for us?  Should I bring a cooler and store sandwiches in it?


Quick! Someone tell me what to do!

Naturally, there is a McDonald’s right next to mini me’s daycare but I would really love to avoid that place.  Like the plague!  Which didn’t work out so well last week, but let’s add that into our list of things to accomplish next week!

Before I get to that list, I want to just say how proud I am of you.  I know working out is tough, along with saying no to some of your favorite foods.  Don’t feel guilty if you eat that bowl of ice cream at 10pm – just accept it and move on.  You’re doing a fantastic job by just acknowledging that you need a change in your life.  And it’s not going to come easy – otherwise I’m sure we’d be at our end goals and I wouldn’t need to be writing this.  I want to share this video with you (I give you permission to laugh, because I laughed watching it, too!), as a reminder that we can all do it.  We may not look like those fitness instructors on T.V., but we don’t need to look like them right off of the bat.  You rock, pretty ladies and handsome men!

Don't Worry - Be Happy!

Don’t Worry – Be Happy! We got this.

And just in case you need that little boost of motivation – Here’s a quick look into what I look like when working out.  I may not look great – but I’m doing it and I’m moving!



So, for next weeks “To-Do” List:

  1. Continue working on cutting out pop
  2. Add some sort of stomach work out to routine
  3. Avoid fast food

How did your first week go?  Better than mine? Let me know!

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