52 Shades of Fitness – Fitness Friday!

Originally posted 2015-09-11 11:41:57.

Here we are! Week 3 of 52!

Thank goodness for Aldis.  They have saved me money wise for buying on-the-go snacks like Salt & Vinegar chips (My favorite!) and other more healthy alternatives like the packaged assortments of nuts and dried fruits.  Last week was a crazy week with all the adjustments to our schedule, eating routine, and activity levels and I rather struggled with energy.

WalkNearly every day I walk about 2 miles (minus Fridays as I only have one class, but I’m most likely going to walk around campus to keep it up).  The first couple of days were rough.  I was so tired and sore from all the extra work, but by the end of the week I was starting to feel really good.  I did not realize how subconsciously I was choosing the lazier activities like watching T.V. instead of going outside to play with my daughter.  It’s not so bad just walking, believe it or not!  I’m just a tad bit more able to participate in things with my daughter, even if it’s like one minute more I still can feel the difference.  And it’s a great feeling to start off with.


I’m just amazed at this entire process even though it’s only been a couple of weeks.  I’m no where near my goal obviously, but it’s important to celebrate the little things because changes start with the little things.

Okay so here’s the not so-positive parts: I stopped doing Zumba… I know I need to start it up again but I don’t want to overload my body.  So instead of Zumba I napped or worked on homework.  One last thing – I decided (For some insane reason) that learning Spanish wasn’t good enough – I am also beginning an online program for French as well!

How did your week go? Let me know!

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