30DYW: Days 10 & 11: Integrity and Content

Originally posted 2017-01-12 17:00:29.

Day 10: Integrity

Integrity is something that is not physically tangible, yet is crucial for your health and wellbeing. It is how you carry yourself in the times that you are not doing something grand for the world to see, but rather how you are in your every day life.

Integrity is something that gives you the moral compass you live by, and how you see others in the world. It is something that sets you aside from those who are complacent and refuse to take an actual side (the “fence sitters of the world”); those who deem it necessary to judge others for a set of paradigms and ignorant, ill-educated, or even uneducated biases.

I want to speak briefly today about the negative impacts we can bring to ourselves and those we interact with (physically and virtually), but I’m going to start with the Virtual group.

We present ourselves often times in a different way online than we do in person. The reason many fall into this roleplaying style is that behind this screen, I can be anyone. Literally any living being with access to the internet and a rudimentary (well, maybe a bit more than a base knowledge of English) capability to communicate. I could be an eight foot tall supermodel ninja. (I was while I was quitting smoking almost four years ago, and the cessation pills I was taking were giving me some freeeaaaaakkaaay dreams, but I digress).

I’m an extreme introvert. In small (finite) doses, I can be a great hostess for upwards of max 10 people *though any more than four and I start to get anxious and jittery a.f.*

I need my time alone daily. I can’t function properly if I am not able to just recalibrate myself with time away from HAVING to do THINGS.

Most people online will never get to see me in real life, so their interactions with me usually seem to be more of a playful (in Minecraft), energetic (RP gaming), or simply bouncy and full of life. These are not false perceptions I put out to everyone, but they aren’t the FULL ME either. I can be loving and crazy and witty when I’m not in the spotlight. But you do see me. Everyone who DOES know me in real life (and those who have bridged the gap between IRL/ONLINE worlds in video chats and other social interactions where I get to be more of the person I love to show and be than just in word form), know what you see is what you get.

I am just a bit goofier in real life, I’m short, I swear better than drunken truckers, and I care. OH how I care! But that’s all of who I am, and my integrity stands for something valid and necessary for me.

Physical interactions might be in smaller groups, as I prefer to be one-on-one or in tiny groups of people I know, but I’ve never been scared to make NEW friends. That’s part of the integral part of who I am I believe; I need to see and learn and do and touch and be a part of as much as I can, so I can be the best person possible.

I am also wanting to point out the fact that the people that interact with you during a day, be it online or real, are honestly only seeing one facet of your life. In your professional mode, you are strong and determined and focused. In your relaxed playful mode, you’re laughing and joking and having fun. Sometimes the two sides (and plenty other sides, think of it as a d100 instead of a simple coin) merge. Sometimes your (started) online friendships become so incredible that you are able to blend them into a real life scenario. Sometimes the real life friends get to see a different, relaxed, or stronger view of you.

What you put out to the world, is what you choose to be toward others.

Are you honest with yourself? Are you brave and true to your own needs and future endeavours? If so, this 30days will only be the start of forming strong habits that will replace old ones that aren’t healthy.

Day 11: Content

Are you seeing this word as content like happy or content like to fulfill a requirement?

Let’s look at both sides of this wonderful word, and see if we can bring some content contentment, shall we?

Content – Happy.

What brings you calm, pleased, happy relaxed enjoyment in your life?

If you were to write all those things down, how many do you do daily? Weekly? At all?

What can you do within yourself and your surroundings, to bring that list of what you want vs what you do to be as close to equal as possible?

Content – Fulfilled.

What content to you bring to your everyday life that gives you value and promotes the integrity, pride, and creative healthy levels of awesomeness that you deserve?

What content can you change (be it quitting smoking, or beginning to walk or swim daily, etc.) to improve your tomorrows?

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