30DYW Day One: Welcome

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We’re going to look at the words I chose for this particular cycle. Each day, I’m going to go into WHY I chose each one, and how it relates to the 30days, Your Way cycle #1.

Today’s word: WELCOME.

There’s an obvious part to this: we’re starting the new cycle, so I wanted to welcome everyone (aka my DayLites) to the newest healthy participation situation/cycle/paradigm/whatever you want to call this iteration of geeky awesomeness.

But there’s a deeper meaning that I ACTUALLY meant with the “welcome”.

I am inviting people in, to participate at their own levels, but I want them to feel safe. I wanted them to know that what they are creating IS valuable and worthy of time and effort and consideration and even positive critique.

Too many times, we are bombarded with the idea that we “can’t even draw a stick man”, so what’s the sense in trying to draw an incredible butterfly emerging from a cocoon? Those self-defeating attitudes aren’t just taught overnight.

Many of us have been taught not to be boastful about our abilities and hard work. Many of us have had slighted or flippant remarks of “must be nice to be THAT naturally talented”. NO NO NO. I had to work my ass off to get to this stage. I didn’t pick up a pen for the first time and know I could string together words in a coherent and pleasing manner. Artists don’t buy paint and become world-famous artists. Ceramicists, knitters… you get where I’m going with this. It is dedicated love of the craft that we do it for; not to get the accolades of glory and admonishments of “you make XYZ look so easy to do”. 

I’ll give you a good for instance, so that it puts it in your head exactly how deep this rabbit hole of creativity can stretch.

August 31, 2014, I used grocery money to buy a game a friend of mine had been pestering (I say that in a loving way, as it was always “You will LOVE THIS GAME, SERA”) me to buy it; Minecraft.

My first day on there, I had absolutely no idea what was going on.

September 2014, I had to put up reminders to myself not to try to swim in lava.

Sorry, let me correct myself. My first two MONTHS on there, I had no clue what was going on. I thought there were bears (at that time, none existed in the game)

My first day playing with the SAMC crew – this was on the “Nu” Server – right after 1.8 had been put out. (I cut off the part below because it was other players talking about stuff unrelated)


BTW, it was a pig – I had no idea that armor was not only necessary, but easy to create, and that torches would become my bff while Creepers were my nemesis right out the gate. URRRRGH! I can’t stand them! Sorry, Maybe I should bring that up in therapy…
My whole point I was heading towards, is two days ago, yeah, December 31, 2016, I was showing a fellow Some Awesome Minecrafter (Silenced_One) around my new land. There were two giant natural spruce trees, and from the moment I saw them, I knew that had to be my epic Swiss Family Robinson*-esque Pixie Palace. I have spent the better part of the last week making simply the floor areas and starting to toss up some walls. That’s legit all I’ve done in that are other than make a bedroom. If someone needed me elsewhere (including my secret santa where I made a giant 3D bookshelf with a hidden reading area for my giftee), I as always run off and do that but return to my flooring as soon as I can.

my tiny lil hovel so far

While I was touring Silenced_One around, he was complimenting me (he showed me his amaaaaaazing builds later, and WOW can that dude build!!!!!) on my skills as a builder. On the servers, most people know me for three basic things: I’m always ready to offer anything (as I am in real life, so why wouldn’t that carry over into the gameplay) – be it my services, my time, or anything they need. They know me for having to officially take on the true name of clumsypixie when I surpassed even most KIDS’ deaths on the server, and not just because of the damn Creepers. And the other thing they know me for: I make big stuff. Put it this way; the house that I am currently building is a solo project, and will only be for me to “live” in while I’m online, but I’ve got over 35 rooms so far between the two giant trees. And I LOVE IT.

One of the things my therapist has suggested I work on as homework for this week was to visualise the space I wish I could live in (WOW, I am so glad I DO NOT have to clean the tree house IRL!), because stability is such a huge mental hangup for me. So I have apparently taken that to heart and I’m making it as huge as I can, because it is a safe new fun amazing space that I have all to myself. I love that I have tribe members nearby, and we’re literally bridging the distances to one another so we can visit and have fun playing together and eventually go exploring once we’re all settled in with our awesome tree houses.

The point was in all of that. I just kind of glossed over it quickly – which is something else I am working on – accepting compliments – I don’t do that very well (read: AT ALL). Silenced_One didn’t go overboard, but he did graciously acknowledge the hard work and exceptional creative ability (and the love of “epic builds” as he put it). The use of gates as windows, the use of leaves as walls and flooring… there are a lot of things he kindly noted, and what he couldn’t see was me flushed with red cheeks on this side of the screen.

After I had logged out of SAMC for the night, got ready for bed, and laid there with the light off, trying to shut down my brain for sleep. Something kept bugging me though.

Why was I embarrassed by the compliments? I earned them. I put in the time, I know the work is definitely creative, and it is something I am incredibly proud of; so why the dilemma of having all of this worry and anxiety of just saying “Thanks! I really appreciate that!” keeping me awake? I didn’t gloat. I didn’t push for or insist anything was said at all.

I think part of the issue we are always met with is when we’ve put the time and effort into becoming good at something, we often hear that Nagging Nelly or Feral Felicia in the back of our minds, telling us that we are horrible for accepting a compliment. I DO know how to work hard in Minecraft. I see it as an extension of an easel and canvas. I don’t paint – not that I can’t, just supplies are currently unavailable – and I find Minecraft incredibly relaxing most of the time. Pick a block, place a block. Your imagination and vision is the limit. I won’t ever make grand pixel arts that take weeks to build – I don’t have the patience for that. I do however have the patience for a few-hours of a pixel art (in survival mode that is; in creative it’s sometimes less than 20 minutes to finish), and if I know that someone wants a special thing, I get permission to be on their land and I surprise them with it.

I’m turning my attention this 30-days, to working on a comic book idea from 5 full nightmares I had a few years ago. Today I wrote 2 pages about the first few frames, and I’ve filled in two pages of rough sketches for the very first comic I’ve ever tried to make. Is it going to be Marvel-quality? NO. Will I be happy enough with the product to share it with everyone? Probably. Definitely my tribe will see it (one already has a couple of the pics and a few more will see it later after I’m done this article). They are my tribe after all, so their support is the willing and hopeful words and encouragement I need to keep plugging away at it, even if it is just stick figures running around in scribbly areas.

  • I welcome everyone to this 30days, Your Way.
  • I welcome everyone into the Geeky Creative Journey area, so they are safe.
  • I welcome everyone to participate at their own pace, own style, and at their own level of comfort.
  • I welcome everyone to show their work, unabashedly, without fear of criticism or negative malicious unhelpful words raining down on them.
  • I welcome everyone to give honest, helpful, tactful critiques and learn how to give better critiques as well, to empower and motivate and inspire one another to be the best we can be.
  • I welcome everyone to challenge themselves to be better than yesterday, and hopeful of tomorrow’s greatness, while being the best them possible in their today.
  • I welcome everyone to speak clearly, develop new skills, create new formidably powerfully wonderful friendships, and most of all
  • I welcome everyone to be healthier.

* I realise that it should actually be “Robinson Crusoe Family”, but the majority of the readers are not going to know that the original was taken as basically a fan-fic of Robinson Crusoe, made for a family. There. Geeky bit of Nerdiness is done.

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