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Day 3: Inspired.

I want nothing more than to have everyone mentally stimulated, in order to produce their best, and love what they do, so they can stick around and keep doing that. That is to say, I obviously include myself in that. I want to be healthy and challenged. I want to learn something new every day, even if it is something minor and seemingly inconsequential.

The DayLites have heard this time and again from me, and it’s well worth repeating: to be healthy isn’t just physical. It’s not just the time you go to bed, or what words you share on social media. It is a multi-tiered paradigm of truth, honesty, respect, communication, and positive choices. << And all of that is internally happening.

To be truly inspired, you need only open yourself up (not in a creepy flasher way) to the possibilities that exist that you haven’t already contemplated as a creative being.

Perhaps it’s the sound of a baby sneezing at the same time a pot lid falls to the floor and rattles around that somehow, someway, has created a rhythmic beat in your head you want to utilise in a musical piece you didn’t even know you wanted to write.

Maybe it’s the sight of the bubbles chasing one another down the waterfall that makes you want to pull out a video camera, so you share the moment with the world, because it just looks so youthfully fun and you wish everyone could see it as you do.

Perhaps it is the smell of cinnamon and apples together that reminds you that your gran had taught you how to make apple dumplings and you haven’t had them in forever, and that’s what you’re going to serve as dessert some Tuesday night when it’s cold and snowy outside.

The point it, there is inspiration everywhere.

We often lose the desire to use our imaginations as we are bombarded with “adulting”. The creativity that once propelled us to use a stick as a steering wheel, or a rock as the lookout tower in an epic sand castle, or the delicious pretend chocolate pie made out of dirt and mud and leaves. NOM NOM NOM.

We get to a certain age where we are forced to look at life from a different, jaded, cynical perspective.

I want everyone to recapture the essence of that joy of creative expression. I want that exuberance to flood their minds with delight and joy and hope and desire to share their unique perspectives.

Most people might only see boots on a deck and not think twice about it. The very few, beautifully minded and inspired minds see a chance to capture a story in a single frame. Three sets of boots. Three sizes, meaning different ages. All the same style of boot, so they connote siblings – in fact, three young sisters under twelve years old – a bit of mud on the boots, some stray leaves. Given that it is January, the photo’s lack of snow shows that the three boots are probably residing in a slightly warmer (there are fallen leaves, so the potential for snow is possible) climate than up in say, Ontario Canada. The boots are well maintained (aside from the current mud which happily screams of a parental figure who is more concerned for healthy play outside rather than needing to keep their children 100% clean and sadly without play), and that speaks to how the children more than likely are well looked after as well. The deck itself looks well kept, and the siding on the house that you can see is clean and well maintained.

The story of these three pairs of rain boots is a silent one, but the more you look at it, the more you can see how much care and love are given to these three boot-wearers. You can easily create a dialogue, even if it is utterly fictional, that works with these boots in their current state.

I’m using this as an example, as one of the DayLites was inspired to pull out her camera the other day and snap a pic of this moment that seems like such a minor thing, but it embodies a time she gets to keep with her children forever. This tells a much deeper story to her and her immediate loved ones no doubt, but as a viewer from the outside, it tells a story of love and happiness and carefree play that makes me smile the more I see it.

With permission from Beth, I now share that photo with you.

Take it in for all its worth, and hopefully it shall inspire you to find the beauty in the day that you might have overlooked.

See you tomorrow!

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