30DYW Day 2: Motivated

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Day 2: Motivated.

I’ll start off by saying that I want everyone participating to hopefully be doing something they love, at least once a day, every day, or as close to that as possible.

I realise there are factors outside of our control (weather, finances, time constraints, enough duct tape…), but there is more than one thing that you love to do, so that’s what we will focus on today.

I am a bit of an odd duck. I have the patience to walk someone else through any kind of process (I’ve taught people how to use a computer, including the 4+ hours that it took to just get through basic mouse clicks, simple functions, etc.), yet I have very little time for myself to not get something right away. I like that I’m a quick study for most things, yet I lose that enthusiasm and it’s all just ho-hum for me if it’s something I’m not completely interested in.

I need to stay motivated. And I have a lot of options as to how I can do that. I demand nothing but excellence from myself, though recently, I’ve begun to relax that (through difficult self coaching, I assure you), and trying to allow moments to “not be perfect”.

If you’ve read any of my past articles, especially the ones in regards to the #100days stuff, I have mentioned a few times why I don’t like the words PERFECT or NORMAL. Let’s assume briefly that this is your first time hearing this, and I’ll break it down again, hopefully a bit better than the other times.

Perfect and normal are two “unwords” for me. Like the word “unword” itself, it’s not a real thing. The concepts of perfection and normalcy are vague at best and damaging at worst. There are huge problems with both of them.
First off: Who gets to choose what the standard – the baseline of perfection is? Who dictates what is normal?

My view of perfection will greatly differ from you, and your next door neighbour, and your third grade teacher’s first cousin’s roommate’s great grandfather’s postal carrier. Perfect and normal are cruel words. They demand that everyone strive for a level of equilibrium that doesn’t exist. If your level of perfection is _ < down there, whereas my idea of perfection is ~ here, and still someone else’s perception is \ like that… you can see there’s no equilibrium to be had.

And I need to point out that I said equilibrium, not equality.

“Normal is a setting on the washing machine” isn’t just a meme folks. The concept that any one wants to be exactly like everyone else is frightening. We’re talking drone-level-sameness. *Makes a dramatic gagging noise* yeah, no. Thanks but no thanks.

Why be normal, when you can be yourself? << That was one of my first mottos.

SO… Pixie, what does this all have to do with MOTIVATED?

For me, in the past, being motivated was started with a love of the thing I was jumping into, but the thing that unhealthily sustained me (negative motivation) was the need to keep doing the thing until it was as perfect as could be.
I’m purposely working on DRAFT versions of things this time around. My comic book is in constant flux already, and if I get one panel or ten pages done, as long as I put the effort into it to do even ONE part per day, I am succeeding at my goal.

Writing always comes easily to me. Even when it’s just one word, I can ramble on about it for hours. That’s not to say I don’t misspell or have crappy grammar when I’m thinking too fast for my fingers to keep up with my brain. What doesn’t come so easily is me telling myself “No, it’s okay for it not to be perfect” or “It doesn’t have to be a standardised level of normal for it to be right, do the thing and be proud of yourself.”

This year is about the cocoon I’m in, with all my parts a giant bag of goopiness inside of me, just like a butterfly, and I am slowly learning how to put myself together in the proper way, so that I am proud of the steps I’ve made with my mental health in order for my future to be as successful as possible.

Like my grade 8 graduation theme stated and I’m now ready to embrace (yes, it was several years ago… shush) – Future So Bright, Gotta Wear Shades.

legit, this was similar to the actual backdrop of my graduation ceremony.

How do I plan to get my DayLites motivated?
Five things:

  2. Repetition leads to success. Unless you’re covering Milli Vanilli songs.
  3. Communication. Oh how this is important!! I can’t stress this enough; wanting to be clear and open with everyone; the conversation should not just exist when there is an issue, but rather when there is a delight as well. We learn best when we are happy to learn what we are learning. – I flip my numbers, and have always had a horrible time with math because it was NEVER fun for me. But letters? OOH baby, gimme more. I want ALL the letters!!!
  4. Presence. As in meaning that I want to always be present enough to “be there” for anyone who needs me and my spoons. I want to be there to bring levity and humour and honour and dignity and respect to each and every one of the participants who wants make their lives better.
  5. Proof of results will lead to wanting to participate as well. The more we are able to show one another that success happens from routines and proper planning and diligence to self care, healthy geeky creative enterprises, we will all want to invest time and effort into the things to strive to do even more amazing feats of awesomeness.

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