#100days Wk 10 – Battlefield: NaNo – v2

Originally posted 2015-11-29 14:55:43.

Screenshot 2015-11-28 13.09.09(Note: I started hand writing this November 26, so I figured you should know that fact heading into this week’s review. I was a bit tuckered out by the end of the day, as you’ll soon find out.)

You’d think after typing for eight hours straight and writing over 10,000 words today alone, that I’d say, “Dearest pen and paper, shhhhh, let’s do this tomorrow!”.

Noooooooooo…. I just need to apparently accomplish one more thing in a day.

This is how my week has played out:

Sunday – Considering I had just taken care of a 2,500+ word count for the Wk 9 review, was having a “lazy day”, and as such, did not NaNo at all.

Screenshot 2015-11-28 13.59.51
Monday – Just over 6,000 words typed up. Update my NaNo, and I was stoked. I had not anticipated typing that day, but as luck would have it someone canceled a plan and I had free time I wasn’t expecting.

Whooohooo me! I’m feelin’ awesome, and I’m stoked that I am just under 12,000 words to go with a week to the finish line!

*queues up happypixie dance mix 2015*Screenshot 2015-11-28 13.57.33

Tuesday – Just over 5,500 words typed up, update the NaNo website, and I’m less than 6,000 words away from the goal post. I am SO elated. That night, I went to compile everything in my scrivener, and almost broke down in tears…

Where is the other… whaaaaa?

You have to be kidding me!!!!

What happened to my 9,278 typed doc…

Screenshot 2015-11-29 14.07.27“Fiona, where are my words?!”, I whisper to my Mac (She’s an Apple… Fiona Apple? Get it? Gah, I’m showing my age again! It’s criminal if you don’t understand!), beginning to search temp files and ignoring the voice of doubterpixie who is now being goaded from the sidelines by F.F. “Tell her again doubterpixie! Tell her again how she sucks so badly at maths that she miscounted somehow!”.

Screenshot 2015-11-29 14.08.44“Hey, angrypixie, come here and help doubterpixie! Remind her of the fact that Fiona shut down three times in the last week. One of them she had been writing but denialpixie told her, ‘it’s okay, it will still be there, just go do something else instead and forget about it!’, instead of checking to make sure the work had been saved.”, (which it completely wasn’t and now there’s not even so much as a temp file about it.).Screenshot 2015-11-29 10.37.58

*Now, as I’m typing this up, I’m going to check Pages, which also wants to do several updates and has probably put a hit out on me, the boy and our cats because I haven’t updated. I’m going to make sure backup is happening. I just checked and it is.*

Screenshot 2015-11-28 13.57.46
Wednesday – *sigh* I’m determinedpixie, and this is when the real battle begins.

Here I am, thinking I’m way ahead of things. Now I’m really worried, because when I go to update my NaNo I have to to show my corrected amount.
I wrote over 10,000 words on Wednesday. I’m not lying, I cried when it was updated true and showed that horrendous dip down, that I was actually 3,000+ words UNDER target now.

I’m sadpixie. Screenshot 2015-11-29 11.45.05

I’m brokenpixie, I’m… NOT GOING TO GIVE UP NOW.
I summon, from *deep down*, the secret place that Feral Felicia and her Nefarious Nixies of Nastinessity know not of location or means to retrieve it… the one, the only… the Keys of Doing.

They are determination, resourcefulness, concentration, self-loyalty, focus, hope, desire, and the most protected, sacred one: resolve. This one gets pulled out when I’m steeling myself against something I must do in order to better myself.

I message my Ponygirls and decide that come Thursday, I WILL finish my NaNo as planned.

My beautiful Ponygirls. I’ve yet again searched my mac for the lost letters of Domus, but alas, I am to no {insert curse word} avail. 9278 words are now missing, never to be found again. No temp files saved. No oddly named anything in the last 90 days, let alone two weeks. *le sigh.*
Happy fowl and roasted glazed pig day to you all tomorrow!! Love you!!

Screenshot 2015-11-29 14.03.21This is what my sweet Apple Bloom sends in our chat, and it diamond dip coats the titanium coated gold-plated Latinum Valarian steel sheilding I set on myself after I sent them a pic of my where I was at that point in the day’s writing:

Loses 9k words and writes them back in one day. Woman is a beast.

Screenshot 2015-11-29 11.27.48Thursday – the Elderbeast, Nia wakes me at 4:04 am.

4:09 am, I’m out of bed and drag my pillows, snuggie, laptop, and written notes out to the living room.

I am exhausted, and really worried that I’m going to fall asleep at the keyboard.

I am set up on the couch for a long day of writing again, as the hubs is home, (it’s U.S.A. Thanksgiving, so he didn’t have to work), trying to give him quiet so he could  sleep as long as possible.

Screenshot 2015-11-29 14.11.42Screenshot 2015-11-29 10.34.43Get in a determinedpixie selfie, and I’m good to go.

I hope.

The furgirls had their second breakfast, (scam artists of whiskers and purrs), in less than 1/2 hour. Quite the lil hobbitses when they want to be, eh? I had the water boiling for coffee. 4:27 am I am all set up with how I’m going to sit and write for the day.

4:30 am, I start to type my heart out.

The coffee mixes with the ink in my veins, and propels my fingers across the keyboard faster and easier than expected.


Screenshot 2015-11-29 11.28.00Screenshot 2015-11-29 11.28.14

Throughout the morning I send update pics to my Ponygirls. I barely stay long enough to see Sweetie Belle’s “WOOT!” or Shimmer’s thumb’s up, before running off to ignore the world as I’m writing about Domus Prime at this point. I’m really just trying to keep it together again as I type *this* up for everyone to read, as yet again, this is another massive cathartic moment and huge hurdle. Just after the last updated pic, I send the Ponygirls this… Screenshot 2015-11-29 11.28.27

Less than two hours later, I sent them this…

Screenshot 2015-11-29 11.28.38Just to make sure the count was safe, I went past the target, to ensure I wasn’t under again!!!Screenshot 2015-11-28 13.58.05

I did it.

I freakin’ did it.

In eight hours of dedicatedpixie determined style, I typed over 10,000. Again.

Screenshot 2015-11-26 21.54.32The funny thing was, because it was Thanksgiving, it was kind of a subdued win for me.

Screenshot 2015-11-29 11.28.56I’m not whinerpixie at this point, as I realise everyone was busy doing their own thing cleaning, stuffing, stressing and trying to be as kind as possible to people as they were passive aggressively asked to hand over the gravy while being questioned about jobs and… yeah, I realize everyone had a chock-a-block full day of things and feels that day.Screenshot 2015-11-26 12.18.05

Still, it was a delightfully wonderful silent happy for me. I sat for about 10 minutes before acknowledging the rest of the world, on the couch, staring at the words, and tears pouring out of me at a rate that Niagara Falls would be jealous of for speed and simplicity. Screenshot 2015-11-26 21.57.04

I did it. Screenshot 2015-11-29 10.36.50

This was on the Pixie’s shoulders and Tenaciouspixie told Catharticpixie to take a victory lap for all the Purrrfect Pixies on the Felicia Day (Lite’s) side of things.

*Yup, see what I did there? Just came to me as I was typing this up, but yeah, it works.*

So, for those of you who are keeping count of how much I wrote in this week alone, here is the simple maths for you. I *had* to write 50,000 in a month. nano nov 23-26

Due to the lost writing, I had to make up for over a week’s worth of it in less than a week, because I was determined to finish on Thursday.

That was my goal, and it wasn’t overachieving, it was being reasonable about timelines and such.

See, Wednesday’s I don’t gym (or Sunday’s, as it is my writing day!), and due to Thanksgiving, the gym wasn’t opening until 8 am. So I wasn’t going to stand in line with people feeling preemptively guilty for what they were going to eat later on in the day and were at the gym desperate to “pre-burn” off the calories, so I stayed home to write. Screenshot 2015-11-26 12.16.27

I knew Friday I wouldn’t get a lot done, and the weekends are my time with the boy. So I would have been left with tomorrow, Nov. 30, to try to scramble to finish on time and be superstressedpixie and no one has enough chocolate or midol or fuzzy baby kittens for superstressedpixie – that’s white-hair making time (and that’s another story – maybe next week).

So, if I can opt out of summoning that Pixie, I do, as she’s bound to turn evil at the drop of foulness from F.F. and no one has time for those shenanigans anymore.

Since you’ve been hearing so much about NaNo for so long, I guess it’s only fair to tell you what I actually wrote my novel about.                          [book 1 in the Domus Series: The Waiting Room.]Screenshot 2015-11-28 13.56.14

First off, it’s a historically futuristic, present day sci-fi, adventure fantasy story. I just said that out loud and the boy’s response was, *chuckle* “Ohhhhkayy!”. Pixie giggles ensue and I’m feeling like this is exactly the way it should be described every time! Did I lose you?

Well, there are unicorns, and parallel worlds, dinosaurs, homoreptilius (one of many nods to Doctor Who), Zeus and Odin (who will be playing chess together in one book), goblins, centaurs, oh, and we’re “topsiders” who aren’t aware that we are floating on the top side of Domus Prime (see? cleverpixie being clever!). Oh, and there are Atlantians, (yes, from Atlantidomus, of course!). The access way for topsiders into Domus Prime is… that’s right, through the Bermuda Triangle. Oh, and Amelia does make an appearance (obviously she is enjoying her extended life on a parallel world!), and pixies. There will be pixies.

The start of my story is two femmes, mirrors of one another, but both incredibly vital to each others planet, and how they start on a journey that will take them through the entire multiverse.

Screenshot 2015-11-29 15.59.24Cap’n Obviouspixie would like to point out that it would be a very dull adventuristical style of story if they didn’t have something to offer, eh?.

I have outlines for several directions for the books to go in, and I’m loving how easily the ink is flowing onto the paper these days.

I’ve missed actual storytelling somethin’ fierce.Screenshot 2015-11-29 14.09.52

Simply put: I love to write.

Yes, I realise you’re reading this, ergo I must enjoy it to some degree, right?

Well, I mean more than just as a hobby.

I swear ink flows through my veins instead of blood, and it makes me delighted that the more I write, the happier I feel.

That’s why it was so painful last year at this time, not writing. I wasn’t happy, because I was so shattered I couldn’t find ink in me to write with. Screenshot 2015-11-29 14.10.47

This isn’t something I need to feel shy about, nor do I feel like I’m gloating. I know I can tell a good story when I put my mind to it.

Yes, it can come in different ways, and sometimes the words are Pixiefied and Seraism’d and all ishnessities. That’s when, at least according to the two English Professors I had, you have understand how the language works properly in order to dismantle it, deconstruct it, and place it back together in your own way as only someone who understands the words can do.

I am quite deliberate in my words, and know what they mean when I type them, even if there seems to be a better word that could photosynthesize the sentence.

Screenshot 2015-11-29 15.51.51
I know that when my pen touches paper, or my finger pads touch a keyboard, it is real and true. The rawness, the vulnerability, the intensity, is never faked. I am oft left standing naked in an ice storm at the reader’s mercy, hoping for a cloak of understanding or an blanket of acknowledgement. I don’t need to have people placate my Egopixie; I know my words are touching people.

Screenshot 2015-11-29 14.20.14I’m receiving the messages, e-mails, pm’s, Skype conversations and deeper levels of friendship because of the clarity of the words I choose. I am notorious though, for jumping the gun on post days and not waiting until the short link is provided for me to share with everyone. Sorry in advance for this week, when I do it again.

I’m not gonna lie, I love receiving those messages of, “that *** you posted about *** really got to me”, and, “I wanted to reach out and hug you so much!”, and, “I wish I had the strength to face my mirror the way you put yourself out there for us to see every week. Thank you for giving me courage to do that.”.

The ones that ALWAYS get the Department of Onion Chopping working at triple capacity: “Thank you for being my voice”, and, “I can’t wait to read next week’s”. This one floored me,“Your words held me hostage on my computer, I cried when you cried, laughed when you laughed, and my coffee went cold. Best reason to need a fresh cup. Thank you.”. Oh good, the delivery trucks of importing feels has arrived.Screenshot 2015-11-29 15.40.50

Even if it isn’t a triumphant week, or even a spectacular one, I am reaching people.

I am honestly incredibly honoured and humbled by these messages, as it really does help to read them.

Yes, I have had the occasional, “really? you have to be that dramatic?”, and even one person went so far as to make silly attempted snark about how ‘I write how they assume I talk’.Screenshot 2015-11-29 13.29.54


Yes, I do.

Anyone who knows me, has spoken to me in over 2 minutes IRL (including skype/phone/facetime/hangouts, etc) KNOWS this is how I talk.

That is why it’s real. I was actually quite confused by that, as I wandered away from that comment thinking, “duh… how else should I write?”. I mean, I am quite literally narrating this in my head as I type the words.

So, how did I do this week in other aspects? Well, I skipped the gym one day, completely neglected the fact I was going to cut down on sugars and fats, and though I was incredibly low in my steps for this week, I’m proudish to report that I only went up one pound, considering I was moderationpixie still, but I wasn’t exactly “counting all the calories Pixie”.Screenshot 2015-11-29 08.31.24

Heading into December, the FINAL STRETCH, I’m a bit behind on my steps, but I’m confident.

I know I’ll make the 1 million. I have to.

I refuse to not succeed. Even when I lose my ground, stumbling sideways like the lil clumsypixie I am, I stand back up, dust myself off, and persevere even harder.

Diligentpixie enables Focusedpixie who inspires Tenaciouspixie to be the best Clumsypixie ever.

Screenshot 2015-11-29 11.49.01

Have a fantastic week my sweet readers.

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