#100days v2.0: Wk7 – Memories in Manhattan (and more)

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So ‘D’ arrived during the last two days of birthday week, but as I mentioned in the last update, I was saving all of this fondness for this week’s review. Screenshot 2015-11-08 16.04.12

There are three areas in particular that I want to share with everyone, as much of it was personal and for our memory-banks only. I will get to the NaNo update, and the Extra Life event in due time, I promise.

During the initial few hours of D’s time here with us, she said something to me that may just sit in my heart forever, happily. Hopefully. I honestly do hope that it is true, and that it continues to be so as the hours, weeks, decades go by.

First, the cScreenshot 2015-11-09 18.02.32ontext. We were discussing a post from a group we’re both in, where it was asked if people online could forge lasting, true, and positive friendships. Well, since some of my closest, dearest, realest, truest friends remain locked on the ‘virtual hug machine’ {{until such time as I wake up with a spare six hundred billion dollars so I can visit them anytime I wish, or better yet, buy an island and everyone be happy on there together (shhhhh, lemme have my delusion there would never be any disagreements!)}}, I can easily attest to the fact that YES, friendships can be made online that last and are true. The hubs is proof of that. So are many of you reading this. Screenshot 2015-11-08 20.02.29 So, like D herself, and several others I get to see and laugh and cry and whittle away the hours with on skype and facetime and such, I wait for the times I will be able to enjoy the same oxygen space as those I adore from afar. And she was finally there, in breathing form, petting Nia and Kaylee and sitting on the boy’s side of the bed and we were just chatting. It was calm, delightful, and very pleasant indeed. I was telling her how I felt so honoured, loved, and proud of those around me; that they are so decent and positive. I said that if we are known by the company we keep, than without a shred of #egopixie, I walk with my head held high nowadays. I am elated by the strength and beauty and intensity of those in my ‘inner circle’, and I cherish what each of them can teach and show me as we walk through life together. Screenshot 2015-11-08 20.03.25

I wasn’t always this content with my friendships. In fact, if anyone had ever asked me even up to two years ago, if I carried a sense of pride and love for those around me, I would have said no. I allowed myself to be used for friendship; this is something I’m still working on, but we all have our flaws. I can honestly say though, I’m no one’s doormat anymore.

Now, I should address the fact that some reading this will not like the term ‘inner circle’, and many have gone so far as to say I’m claiming to be a narcissist or superior-minded (not to mention worse), as someone horrible used to refer to his inner generals as such.

Well, obviously, I’m not heinouspixie, so I choose to Screenshot 2015-11-09 18.02.32take that term and make it beautiful.

I told D that like everyone, I see myself in the midst of all my friends – not as the superior ‘centre of attention’, but rather the one who merely connects everyone I know together as a mutual link if you will.

So that’s when D says is. “You’re like our daisy, bright and warm and shiny for everyone to love and cling to and grow with.”

Okay, so *hands over all my feels* – take them.

Take them all. That is just about the nicest thing ANYONE has EVER said to me.

There are levels of this as well. Daisies are my favourite flower. I see them as the purest flower, because they don’t need to hide behind thorns, or flashy colours, or anything. They are simple (not plain!), decent, HONEST flowers. {yeah, I have a whole ‘thing’ about flowers – surprise, surprise, eh?} I’m really not used to compliments. I’m trying to learn fast though.

When I’m online and someone pays me a compliment, I have time to react, *cry cry cry*, and then figure out why that is a silly reaction, and then ignore it and act like I haven’t seen it yet until I can come up with a response that doesn’t shove both size 9’s in my mouth at once. My gut instinct is to yell back “Yeah, well…. I like your FACE!” The struggle: real level 11. Screenshot 2015-11-09 18.03.30

So then… reality is still here, and I have tears streaming down my face because of this comment, and she adds, “I’m serious you know!” Gah! Stop talking so nice, and let a Pixie catch her breath, woman! I’m trying desperately to hide my face, and thankfully she offers a hug and I try to remember how that breathe-in/breathe-out thing works in succession so I can catch my breath and calm down.

So began our TOO SHORT visit of D to the Big Apple. And that was just the beginning.

Point two: For three of us (hubs included in this) who had never been in each other’s presence before this (well, the hubs and I … gah, you know what I mean), it is astounding that NOTHING in our life was altered. That’s not to say we weren’t gracious hosts (she reminded us… me particularly… several times a day of such a thing, so I have to believe her), but she FIT so well into our life. No hiccups, no issues, nothing that needed to be resolved or worked out in any way. She’s incredibly easy to be around is what I’m getting at, and I felt instantly at ease with her. She was quite perturbed in fact of only one thing: that she had NOT taken enough vacation days to spend with us. She will be back.

Third point: Peas in a Pod. Screenshot 2015-11-09 18.06.08

Our Manhattan Monday was absolutely perfect. I honestly don’t think we could have had a better day had we tried. Maybe if Neil deGrasse Tyson met up with us for lunch or something… but we wouldn’t have had time for anything else we did that day, so maybe it’s best NdT didn’t hang with us… this time.

Our day’s highlights:

Nia-the-alarm-Maine-coon woke me at 445, and around 5 I head out into the living room, only to find that D’s awake already. We head down to the gym early, work out, and finish on two separate machines away from one another at exactly the same time.

Bus it home part way (D had knee replacement surgery July 31, and is getting used to walking again still – I was spoiledpixie even though we ended up doing over 19K steps, I can only imagine how many more it would have been without all the vehicles involved!!) – breakfast, say bye to the hubs, chill out and have a nice chat while we pet the furgirls. Around 10am-ish, we both start to nod off, and decide to take a nap. All four of us girls slept on the bed happily content. Screenshot 2015-11-09 18.05.21

Got to the ferry terminal by 1145, grabbed lunch at Subway (flatbread Subway Club for me, thanks again, D!!!), and then Ferry to Manhattan.

Taxi to Jerry’s Pallette Art Store. – I will be back.

Earl Grey Tea at Think Coffee, where she snaps a pic of me (that I actually like of myself!)

Screenshot 2015-11-09 18.04.39We wander around the corner – there’s a Crunch Fitness there (cool!) – and duck into a fantastic little vintage shop. She is wearing a gorgeous light mossy taupe shirt with a lichen coloured scarf – walks into the back area of the upper level, straight to a shelf which is supporting a bag that is so perfectly matched for her shirt/scarf combo, it’s like she left the house with it. And it is perfect for her as carry-on luggage for the next morning’s trip home.

Across the street from Think, as we’re looking for something fun to look around in for a bit, we amble into a RARE books shop. Like, this place has a FIRST EDITION Hobbit.Screenshot 2015-11-09 18.24.50 #nerdgasmpixieflailingarms kind of moment. A full collection of Willy S’s Poems & Stories. (Yeah, me and Shakespeare are old hangout buddies, be jealous. I roll with the cool kids. Tolkien and Shakespeare, they are my reading equivalents to purrs and cinnamon and chocolate and earl grey tea and thunderstorms.)

As I’m still looking at the books on the rolling racks outside, D’s inside finding the PERFECT book for my hubs as a thank you to him for being such a great host: The Mass in B Minor – J.S. Bach – an Essay on the details and background of the various movements in that musical collection. It’s the boy’s favourite musical piece. I “squeeeee” and exclaim how exceptional it is, and the gentleman cashier (who wouldn’t let me touch the Hobbit so I should just call him the ultimate poopieface tease!) says the price listed inside the cover is different, and is significantly more affordable for D.

I am in super excited tears, and we head out, find a cab, and head to SoHo. Screenshot 2015-11-09 18.05.32

Rudy’s Music – I find a set of classical guitar strings the boy is going to try out soon, but come highly recommended. We spend over an hour in there, just enjoying the two customers who are trying out the various guitars with a fluidity that makes me wish I could strum that well. I don’t play, but if I had the money, I would be purchasing the fantastically delicious steampunk guitars that were handmade for the owner (Rudy) as metalworks *playable* art. Smart decision on their part to not have them at Pixie-touching height. *curses! foiled again!*

We’re walking around outside, it’s starting to get dark, and we need to meet the hubs at 715 for dinner. As we head in the direction I think Google Maps is telling us we should go (it was wrong. well, no; I was, but blamey-blamey Pixie doesn’t want to admit she put the directions in backwards… moving on!!), we wander around for a bit, and pass a sign that is claiming the MOST outrageous thing.
BEST. HOT. CHOCOLATE. EVER. How dare you?! What??? How does one make this kind of a claim! “The sign isn’t lying. Go in,” two people sipping from take away lidded mugs say out front.

Chocolate. Hmmmm… yeah, that’s not peer pressure I was told to avoid. D, let’s do this. Screenshot 2015-11-09 18.04.07

Oh, and just so you know, IT IS the best hot chocolate ever.

Imagine if you will, going into an adult-style Willy Wonka cafe. Yeah, now crank that mental vision up to about 42. No… Over 9000. Yeah, that’s the kind of hot chocolate I’m talkin’ about. Liquid thick rich warm perfection running down inside your body, reminding you why you breathe and love kittens and why days in NYC are to be treasured and remembered and it’s the kind of fluid happiness that makes writers write and singers sing and doers do all the things.

We couldn’t find a taxi to save ourselves after that though, and we were starting to get a bit frantic, as it was now getting close to twenty to seven and we needed to get across the Isle in time to make our reservation.

Throwing caution to the wind, we head across a street, and stand in front of a very swanky looking hotel, where people who are coming in and out are dressed in clothes I’m pretty sure were on models at NY Fashion Week this year, no joke. The concierge however gets a car for us. Not a taxi, but Über, and for $20, takes us from SoHo to 43rd Street.

Sushi Yasuda

Sushi Yasuda

That is crazy awesome. Sushi dinner was the most exquisite chef-chosen foods for us, and aside from two that I wasn’t all that fussed about, that was the best sushi of my life. Of their lives in fact. The Sushi Master was preparing the food for us and one other lady, in front of our eyes, and telling us what we were eating. SO GOOD. **commence memory drool**

President Obama was going to be heading through the city, so we needed to leave there before the streets shut down. We made it home just around 1030pm (late night for the Pixie these days!), and we had to be up early for the goodbye hugs.

The day flew by, but was one calm “come look at this” to “ooh! look at that!” and even just walking around, chatting, enjoying the sunshine, warm fall day, and each other’s company.

Tuesday stole D from us. I skipped the gym, as we had walked all over the mall on Sunday (ha! now it’s “old hat” for me — though I did get the Sally/Jack trackpants that I wore throughout the Extra Life event yesterday/today), and that’s usually my relaxing day.

A hundred hugs and kisses later, the taxi headed up the hill with one of my Inner Circle friends. Though I wanted her to have a safe flight home so she could go back to her own cat and world and rest from all the walking, I wanted that taxi to get a flat tire and make her miss her plane. I waved goodbye, knowing she’s going to be in hugging distance again someday; hopefully soon. Screenshot 2015-11-05 18.16.12

I spent the rest of the day catching up on writing (Birthdaypixie review and the official start of my NaNo). Wednesday was ALL THE WORDS written and typed, as I was a crazy woman with the pen and keyboard. Over 5,000 words that day just typed, not including the ones written by hand.

Extra Life yesterday and today: Solidifying friendships, making incredible memories, raising money for a fantastic cause, and being spoiled to the point of Skype envy, by the boy who would lightly touch my shoulder, so as to not scare me before he popped out of nowhere to ask if I would like more tea, or what I would want for dinner… yeah, he was all the awesome.

Screenshot 2015-11-08 19.34.26The CMC’s of Island 3 made our mark!

And I was Twitchpixie for four (shared for a couple) time slots throughout the fun event, which gives me a MASSIVE sense of pride because I was 100% myself and had an absolute blast doing the stretches for everyone and showing off our spectacular Skyblock Island.

Screenshot 2015-11-08 14.00.36Screenshot 2015-11-09 13.10.22

**Thank you again to all those who donated, not just to me {sending me over my $100 goal!}, but to everyone, as we exceeded our team set hope goal! Over $3000 raised for Children’s Miracle Network! Great job everyone!!!

So as you’ll see in the stats pic below, I’ve added a new area: my NaNo count… which will have drastically changed from this week to next by the end of this one, now that I can focus my time on it. Screenshot 2015-11-09 15.27.22

And I am ecstatic to report my plateau has been breached finally!!!! I realise it’s not much, but even a pound after all these weeks of staying at the same $*!@ weight was starting to get to me, I won’t lie.

Screenshot 2015-11-08 14.51.25

I hope you have an incredible week. I know I will.

Screenshot 2015-11-08 18.59.54

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