#100days V2.0 Wk6: Birthdaypixie, TWIGA tears, and D’s Arrival

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Screenshot 2015-11-03 18.31.17It’s been a crazy week.


But I should back up, because I really want you to understand WHY it’s so utterly gobsmackingly fantasticalistically chalked full of woohooohooo’s and *splorts* and O.M.F.S.M. moments.

Last year at this time, I was in a pretty bad situation. I had taken a room in an apartment, and… well, for the sake of *innocent* eyes, I’ll skip what my roommates were doing on a daily basis, but suffice to say, I spent a lot of time with my headphones on, minecraft playing, sitting on my bed with my bedroom door locked from the inside most days for September and October. In truth, I left the apartment ONE time in September, and 3 times total in October (before the 31st when the taxi came to remove me from that horrid location once and for all).

My roommates did give me one present though: they left the apartment for the full 24 hours of my birthday (though I greatly paid for it through their actions and words over the following week until my ultimate escape – it was a lot worse than I wanted to let on to many, especially the [now] hubs {{then fiance}} who was going through the pre-surgery cancer removal stresses and though he could have easily handled what I was going through, I didn’t think it was necessary to inform him of things that were outside of even my control in the same apartment ((let alone his control in a different country all together)). It was a short-term rental agreement; it was … well, let’s just say *this* (points to the above words typed) is a lot more than I have told almost everyone. EL (Katelynn) was one of the strong ones for me though. That sweet pumpkin was incredibly endearing and wonderful. Wonder Woman was patient and carries many of those secrets, as does Starryskye81 (NACHOS!!) and a couple others who inadvertently caught a bunch of life-happening events when in the early days of my minecraft life, I was always whisper-failing!!!

best thing about my bday in 2014 ((other than my skype meal with the cute boy))

Quite honestly, this was the best thing about my bday in 2014 ((other than my skype meal with the cute boy and my roommates leaving me alone for 24hrs)).

Screenshot 2015-11-03 17.33.52The point I was trying to wander towards was how vastly different a life can be from one year to the next. My bedroom in that apartment wasn’t huge, and from where I was always positioned, I was roughly 6-8 steps from the edge of my bed to inside the washroom. There is a valid reason for this information, as last year’s steps, versus this year’s, couldn’t be more dichotomous if they tried.

Okay, so here’s the truth: last year, I walked less than fifty steps all day. You think I’m being dramatic, right? Fact is, I don’t even think I went to the washroom more than twice all day, so 6 steps each way x 2 = 24, but I’m being generous and assuming I went three times, and it being 8 steps rather than six for my memory’s ego, meaning there and back again 8x2x3=48. I had food in my room (I was keeping it in there because… reasons.)

This year, JUST on my birthday, I did 30,548. so that’s quite literally over thirty thousand times more than what I did last year. ((don’t get any crazy ideas thinking I will be doing 61K next year! lol))Screenshot 2015-11-03 17.16.47

I went to the gym, came home, had breakfast, got showered and ready to … oh wait. I forgot that I promised to tell you what the cute boy got me for birthday presents.

Screenshot 2015-11-03 17.24.43Being that I am hoping for two incredible things in our future, he decided the best way to show how supportive he is, was to invest in the futurewriterpixie’s goals and starting point. It’s been a long time since I have held an calligraphy pen, but I love cursive writing, and wish that everyone had a desire to take the time to hand-write and send letters and reminisce … yeah, call me an old romantic. Well, the boy found a way for me to refresh my calligraphy skills, and went so far as to get me the replicas of the original 1874 Spencerian Penmanship workbooks – including the manual which shows you things like HOW to sit at a desk, hold the nibbed quill, etc. Screenshot 2015-11-03 17.39.48

He also added a fun history book for me (ever the deliciously learner of things and stuffs am I!!), I now have the “Mastering Copperplate Calligraphy – A Step-by-Step Manual” as well.

How cool is he???

Seriously, I mean, this made me silently *cry cry cry* happy nerdtears for close to 20 minutes. Screenshot 2015-11-03 17.18.28

The other present I was craving, was the one I had wanted as my {first} #100days reward.

But more for the fact that I want to learn how to use it exceptionally well before I get scuba certified and start diving with him so I can record our stories together in order to write them up for others to read about, is a GoPro video camera. Well, without being braggypixie, the boy made me cry for sure, as he handed them both to me the day before my birthday, so I could get used to the video camera before we headed to the zoo the next day, and give me the opportunity to use my writing books that day as well, because I wouldn’t get to play with them on my birthday.

The two most thoughtful gifts he could have found for me. Both are astoundingly relevant in my life, and as different from one another tech-wise as … well, 2014 to 2015 birthdays were in relationship.

So after I submitted the last week’s review for review, I spent pretty much the rest of the afternoon on Sunday reading up on my new video recorder (I have so much I have to learn still, but it’s a delicious excitement for me!) and giddily flipping through the pages, dipping my chosen nib into the black India Ink, and starting to write my initial //|//|/|//| marks in Workbook #1. Screenshot 2015-11-03 17.17.59












Screenshot 2015-11-03 17.17.03The Bronx Zoo: wow. We were there from roughly 11am until around 430pm, and other than roughly 1 hour where we were doing necessary breaks (food/washroom/hubs changing over colour or b&w film into one of his cameras), we still only saw a quarter of what that zoo has to offer. We will be back.

Thankfully we won’t need to (though I suggest if you are only going one time, to definitely do it!) purchase the “full pass” – adults are currently $33 each. We covered the majority of “extras” that ticket allows (gorillas, butterfly gardens, etc.) – and aside from a few other areas we can purchase specifically for next time, we were very pleased and felt we “got our money’s worth” of experience.

There were several field trips of school-aged children running around, and to be honest, I was quite worried I would not be able to enjoy the giraffe and have the quality time I wanted with them because the potential for some of the more… lets call them boisterous bipedal creatures… to be as unruly with these animals, as they had been with many other animals so far. Not everyone has respect for all life the way I do. I had to remind myself of that about a dozen times at least that day, but I’m focusing on the positives for you!.

However that worry was for naught. For over twenty minutes, that amazing hubs of mine stood silently less than an arm’s reach away, allowing me to weep. I mean, really, cathartic OMFSM look at these beautiful babies. He didn’t laugh. He didn’t make fun or pester me to move or anything. He even chuckled softly when I begged our “new child” to hop the fence and come home with us, when one of the gorgeous younger twiga came ambling over toward where we were. I’m pretty sure anything else could have been happening right behind me and I wouldn’t have been aware. Maybe the screaming, rock-throwing, angry youngsters WERE there… I was deliriously oblivious to the comings and goings of everything but those Rothschild twiga babies. Screenshot 2015-11-03 17.18.09


Just… look.

How much more gorgeousness do you need to see in a day?!

The cute boy agreed to my request that once I’m published, we can come back to the {Bronx} Zoo and I’ll pay to feed and kiss them. OH, THERE WILL BE CRYING. And kisses. He’s all about making this happen, because that’s what awesome good supportive mates do: they want the happy self-actualisation-filled *cry cry cry* moments to be plentiful, and the rear-view mirror stuff to be so minute in the frame, that it’s a mere pinprick in the distance, fading forever kind of horizon-line.

The gorillas had crazy mama-drama, and I don’t know if I have laughed so hard at so many jokes all day long in… well, forever. My hubs is a pretty funny guy, and we had one of the best days I could have ever wished for.

"New York Gothic" - by Dr. M. Merrin

“New York Gothic” – by Dr. M. Merrin

We had the subway train pretty much to ourselves as we left the Bronx after the Zoo, as most of the foot/subway traffic were heading in the opposite direction.

We tried out a new (it’s first full day was my birthday) Italian eatery by our apartment, and made it home, exhausted, but extremely content in our outing.

I have a youtube video up for anyone who wants to see it.

Stats: Considering the fact that I had cake, and well… cake, and girly week – so that means chocolate – and pie, and… yeah, I stayed at my continued weight, so I guess holding steady all things considered is still better than going up.

I will reserve D’s trip for the coming week’s review, but I will say this: Anyone who assumes that you can’t make “real” friends from an online initial meeting has never had the opportunity to know the incredible people I have met. I am stronger, empowered, and am dedicated to enriching these friendships, because I am not hindered by the limited social awkwardnessities that can block so many of us. It’s kind of like when S.T. was still in Canterlot, she didn’t have the depth of friendships that she had until she went to Ponyville… Oh my. Yup. I just did it. I think that officially makes me a MLP fangirl.

Oh… this… Screenshot 2015-11-03 17.19.07

**I’m pretty proud of this** (Notice, in my birthday week alone, I did more than the entire month of June -my first month of my first #100days!)

I was really amazed at the end of October when I saw this all added up. These are the things that remind me how far I have come.

(The MLP tattoo is from Ping’s birthday card to me.)





week 6 stats

Other fun presents: Nae gave me an incredible giraffe silk scarf, Caff & EL sent me a care package of goodies and lovely letters, and Luloo sent me a card from all the way across the giant Atlantic Puddle. D arrived and got me a birthday present for NEXT year (so technically she’s getting props for a year from now!), as it is a “Don’t Panic!” t-shirt. {{Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is going to be my theme for next year – I expect towels and horrible Vogon poetry. You have a year!!!}}

I am spoiled. I am deeply appreciative of my connections and friendships and love that I have from so many people. Thank you.

The DayLites this week are to share a healthy recipe with the group. Hopefully we get some yummy ones!!

Have a fantastic week.


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