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i heart meI guess you can say I’m gonna brag for a minute. Don’t worry; it’s not going to go to my head. *Egopixie* doesn’t exist.

In the last week, my inboxes (regular and “other“) on Facebook, along with several other media sources have been happily bombarded with delightful messages. I’ve been entertainingly swamped with congrats, well wishes, kudos, virtual fist bumps, props, and to my astonishment, THANKS for sharing my story for even inspiring people.

The ones that gave me the biggest set of feels though, were from all those that inspire me every day, telling me how proud of me they are. You have to understand; this is a new thing for me. I’m not used to being the centre of attention for things, let alone am I used to being put on anything other than my own little soapboxes that I drag out when I have something I want to speak out about (i.e. children’s onionsrights, etc.)

These aren’t just adults mind you; I’ve had teens and even a couple younger-than-tweenagers saying congrats or thanks, and one little 8yr old who wrote me to thank me for inspiring her mom to get healthy… that one just about did me in. That was what was relayed through the mom herself – after she had told everyone she was going to start on her own healthy kick, was committed to quitting smoking, and several other huge goals. The reward is going to be the money the mom saves will go toward a vacation for the family. Talk about positive reinforcement!

Soooooooo…. what are these BIG PLANS of mine for #100days V2.0?

v2.0I have 5 goals so far, but there are several others that are “in the works“, and of course I’ll let you in on the inside scoop of those as they unfold!

Well, from the title, and last week’s interview with Lucy, V2.0 is first and foremost about 1millionsteps. I have some pretty intense other goals as well.

purple tongue of perfection

Purple tongue of perfection

I want to do a bunch of things that tourists do in NYC, now that the tourists have essentially vacated the premises and found their own huts again. The MET. The Bronx Zoo (read: TWIGA!!!!!!!!!!})* The Aquarium. MOMA.

Of course I will share these moments with you. I’m so excited to see those giant faces of happiness and *breathe, Sera, breathe*… celebrities have NOTHING on giraffe.

Remember, I didn’t lose my mind over Rose Byrne, but I won’t be able to NOT SQUEEEEEEEE when I see the twiga up close again.

yup, they really sleep like this. how freaking squeeeeeee cuteness is this???

Yup, they really sleep like this. How freaking squeeeeeee cuteness is this???

It’s been TOO long. If I get to feed one, this #100days might just become about me going to kiss all the twiga 1million times. Each. Who needs sleep?

Hopefully I’ll even get a selfie from booking at a precinct after I’m arrested for trying to smuggle… errr… RESCUE my pretty baby giraffes onto the Staten Island Ferry. If I succeed, I may need some help getting them up to the 9th floor of the apartment building. I’m sure Nia and Kaylee won’t mind sharing their water bowl…

Maybe we should get a Kickstarter fund going for me for the bail? Thanks in advance!

*twiga is the Swahili name for giraffe*

hey you, love me!

Right… there’s more to this article than just twiga. (Twiga, twiga, twiiiiiiiiiiiigaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!! okay, it’s out of my system. For now.) twiga. Nope, I swear, I’m done this time.

Losing weight is going to actually become a goal now. I lost 2.5lb this week, down to 283.5 now. (I’m seriously considering putting “learn to add properly” as one of my goals, as I told the hubs and a couple others that I had lost only 1.5lb, but 286-283 isn’t 1.5… :/ So yeah, it might need to get put on the list of things to accomplish.)

scale and tape measureSo… if I’m 280 (which I hope to be at the start of the next #100days, but if not, I’ll deal with it), the least amount I want to lose will be 20lbs. That’s not unreasonable, yet, it’s not really trying too hard, considering in less than 50 days, I did 15lb, and that’s roughly losing 2lbs a week. Safely the max I would think to push myself will be 6lbs. Any more than that, and I won’t keep it off permanently, nor will I be as healthy as I want to be, and that would take me to 196lb. I would probably lose my mind if I was that low I think.

If I could however get down to anything below 250, I will be nothing short of giddy with myself. 201 would be spectacular, but it’s likely pushing the extreme end of things… but then you’ll have seen 100lbs come off me while I’ve been writing these, and I’m pretty okay with that challenge. We shall see how it goes.

I will say, I’m heading to a body shape I haven’t seen or felt since I was under a teenager. I grew an inch and a half from grade 5 to grade 7, and because of the malnutrition, I was stunted at age 11 in this height. Most people think while I’m sitting, that I’m at least 5’9″ or taller even.

this pic caused one of the longest debates I've ever seen on a fb wall

This pic caused one of the longest debates I’ve ever seen on a FB wall.

Then I stand up, and they lose sight of me… because I’m not eye level with their expectations. *Waves from at least 8″ closer to the ground; yeah, it’s me, down here… the hobbit girl.* It’s going to be very interesting losing enough weight to be in clothing that I can actually buy off the rack in a department store, and WEAR without having to adjust it in some massive way. Most manufacturers either don’t realise, don’t understand, or just don’t care that there are petite obese people in this world, and as such, need clothing to fit them. petite v normal

I buy ‘normal’ length capris, and they fit like regular length pants. You might think I’m joking, but I assure you, when I buy the ‘normal’ length pants, I’m lucky if I only have to remove 6″ of fabric and then hem up the extra 2-3″ inside for a thicker cuff, or a wider one or… well, you get the gist. Suffice to say, this new body shape is going to be interesting for me. Maybe I’ll add “GROW” as one of my goals. Wish me luck!

Yesterday, I noticed my feet. HA HA, yeah, I know where they’re located. I’ve been able to see them when I look down for several weeks now with ease. What I meant was, that they are showing veins now. And they aren’t so swollen and I can see dimples and even definition of muscles and tendons under the skin. It is still incredibly soft around the edges mind you, but I have cute little feet! I might need to start rockin’ out fun nail polishes! (I can hear Caffryn right now: *ahem, Pixie, you haven’t even put your Jams on yet!*)

be your own heroOver thirty years being roughly a significant plus size, and many of those years I have been sufficiently larger (over 400 at the max I was aware of). These pounds aren’t going to slide off easily. I’m going to have to force them off. With sweat, and optimistic reality. Perseverance and determination. I have to grind them out, squat them off, pedal them into oblivion, and lunge, leap, punch, pull, and scream my muscles into existence, but no one has ever been more determined to do just that. I might just hit that 201, or… dare I even say it? 196 goal and lose my Pixie mind completely. Then I will definitely be #pixiegonecrazy for sure.

Along with the million steps, the weight loss, and the growing delightful self-esteem, I’m going to be participating in a writing challenge. From November 1-30, I’m going to write 50,000 words about … something. Not sure yet, but I’ve got a few ideas. It’s not going to be too much of a challenge, as I wrote 20,000 in 4 days for my first #100days (though most of it didn’t end up making these articles – I forget how verbose I can get when I am passionate about something), and you’ve all read way more than that in these last 15 weeks.

I AM A BEAUTIFUL BUTTERFLY!!!!! *flap flap flap*

“I am a beautiful butterfly!!!!!” *flap flap flap* seriously, watch the movie.

There are several other individuals that are starting up at the same time as me this round of #100days. Oh, and it’s starting September 23rd and runs to December 31st. Talk about a New Year’s resolution!!! The ones who are going to head out on this adventure with me all have their own goals in mind.

Some want to get fit. Some want support while they work through their goals.

One wants to make REAL friends, and this #100days will be their opportunity to be in a setting with individuals who are growing, changing… meta-morphing into beautiful creatures. (Yes, you knew I’m had to grab a pic of Heimlich for this!! **and if you haven’t watched A Bug’s Life, DO IT {{{peer pressure}}}).

WHOOHOO!!! Day 100 reward! :D

WHOOHOO!!! Day 100 reward! 😀

This past week officially concluded the first #100days for me. I did end up having a nice little surprise, as the hubs got me (from our local geek emporium where my second week’s rewards came from – Hypno-tronic Comics) none other than a Kaylee Frye (#firefly #shiny #bdh #aimtomisbehave) figurine. (I really hope at some point I can get Kaylee playing with Kaylee… Kaylee-ception!)

Reality had hit me though this week – the clothes I had bought a year ago (the only ones that managed to come with me when I was homeless and ended up in that cheap motel for 2 months before heading for Halifax) – they were, well, they still are actually, size 3xl. Many of you who are on my friend’s list likely saw my crazy little rant to the clothing manufacturers, as I had to start looking for some clothing to replace the old, holey, way over-sized, stained, stretched out limited selection of monstrosities of fabric I have in my wardrobe. my rant on fbWay to depress a girl! I was everything from a size MEDIUM to a 6XL – and that’s not all the “specialty” sizes – from 1XP, XP+, etc… *sigh* but I had to find something. So I gritted my teeth, and picked some stuff on Amazon. I desperately needed bras. And pants. And I was wanting a nice little maxi skirt.

hahahaha leave it to pokemon to do this!

Hahahaha leave it to pokemon to do this!

Throwing caution to the wind, I ordered two bras in size LARGE, and one in XL (they are sport bras), and clothes in XL (aside from one shirt from the UK I ordered in 2xl as it is the USA/Canada equivalent to XL). Well, some of it arrived today. One pair of pants needs a good 7″ off the bottom, but aside from that, EVERYTHING FITS. Me. Able to go into any regular department clothing store now, for the first time in my adult… even teenage life, look at the clothing on the racks… for myself. Gimme a sec; I got tiny little onion-chopping-sprites in my eyes again.

Thank you again for all the incredible support and kind words.

I look forward to walking a million steps with you, starting in 10 days time. Until then, have a beautiful week!

Sept 23 - Dec 31, 2015

Sept 23 – Dec 31, 2015 – wanna come with me? Send me a message on here or in Facebook!


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