The Chronicles of Shannara Review: Reaper

Originally posted 2016-01-28 17:00:30.

This week I want to talk directly about the show more than what happened on the show. I’ve spent several weeks reading the reviews of this series and especially those of the “critics”. First off we should all stop comparing this show to The Lord of the Rings. I realize the story is similar but you’d be hard pressed to find a fantasy novel, TV show or movie that isn’t similar to Tolkien. Tolkien is the father of this type of fantasy. The plot is the same. The bad guy taking over the world, one single hero who must take the burden of saving the world on his/her shoulders, one special something that can get the job done and a bunch of friends who want to help. Seriously, most fantasy stories run this type of plot. Hey ! Wheel of Time folk, this includes you as well.
What I find a little annoying about TV is you get four or five shows and the network will then make a decision as to whether they will continue filming. It’s a money thing you know. I speak for many a fan when I say networks have broken our hearts more than once with this method. Firefly, The Bastard Executioner and Stargate Universe just to name a few were cancelled before anyone could settle in and enjoy. I fear The Chronicles of Shannara will fall victim to the same fate. This past week Manu Bennett posted this on his Facebook feed;


Reading this post causes me to worry. I enjoy the story. Yes, the acting started off bad with some of these people but it’s better ! I’ve noticed the series gradually getting more and more interesting. This past episode we saw some really great action and our heroes are finally on their journey. The story lines are mixing together well and we’re getting to know some of the other characters that have been in the background. Eretria has finally come around and I believe she is now a full fledged member of the hero core. Yes, the Rovers and the group swapped stones AGAIN but it was quick and resulted in some unlikely alliances. Cephelo actually helps Wil get away from the Reaper ? This is a shocking change in character since not 10 minutes earlier he was near raping Amberle. Please MTV don’t go down this road. Many of us have been here with Game of Thrones. I would like to think The Chronicles will stay a bit more teen friendly.

We’ve seen major progress in several characters this week. Bandon’s character is still a bit of a mystery. He’s obviously developing a gift that Allanon feels is important to the mission. When placing his hand on the Ellcrys he sees the Dagda Mor and is encased in some sort of mind prison ? Curious to see where this goes since Bandon is not a character from the original story. The shows executive producer Miles Millar says of Bandon;

He almost becomes Allanon’s apprentice,” Millar says. “He knows Bandon can go two ways. He can either be a force for good or a force for the darkness. The show will follow Bandon as he chooses which path to take. That won’t be resolved until the end of the season. His relationship with Allanon is unique and very interesting to watch as it develops.”

I’ve said before that I actually like the producers to add a little something to the series instead of sticking straight to the book. I think Bandon is an interesting addition and I’m anxious to see how he contributes to the adventure.

We were able to get an idea of how Amberle came to be the bad-ass Princess that she is. It appears her father was killed by a group of Gnomes who were able to sneak into Aborlon and kill her father. Before his death scene we get some small interaction between Amberle and her father.and he tells her that although men have always been the Chosen a girl can surely be considered. Yes ! An awesome dad encouraging girl power ! I love it 🙂 How about that Reaper in the end ? Fairly terrifying right ? I’m not sure if it was the size of the thing or the fact that it broke out in a full run that was impressive but I was definitely like “whoa !”. Sadly our King Eventine has been killed by the Changling and this can only mean bad times for Arborlon.

This episode was full of good stuff and I’m confident it will only get better. If you haven’t watched I encourage you to do so at the MTV website here.