Rated G for Geek Presents: Labyrinth

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In honor of David Bowie, we wanted to bring out a review of Labyrinth that we posted when the site was first created. 

Title: Labyrinth

Director: Jim Henson

Release Date: June 27, 1986

Genre: Musical, Fantasy, Adventure, Family

MPAA Rating  – PG

Running Time: 101 minutes


  • David Bowie
  • Jennifer Connelly
  • Toby Froud

Kid Friendly Rating: Some mild language and creature violence. Recommended for children over 8. Click here for the Parent Rating Guide! 

Personal Rating: 5 out of 5!

Synopsis:  Sarah is a 15 year old girl who accidentally wishes her younger brother, Toby, away because of a story she is telling. And let’s face it because he is acting like a little brother, annoying his older sister and keeping her from going out. He ends up in the arms of Goblin King Jareth who threatens to keep him if Sarah cannot make it through his Labyrinth in 13 hours. This movie has it all: puppets, music, and of course David Bowie. What is not to love?


Memorable Quotes:

Jareth: And Hoggle, if she ever kisses you, I’ll turn you into a prince.
Hoggle: Y-you will?
Jareth: Prince of the Land of Stench!

Sarah: Ow! It bit me!
Hoggle: What’d you expect fairies to do?
Sarah: I thought they did nice things, like… like granting wishes.
Hoggle: Shows what *you* know, don’t it?

Jareth: You remind me of the babe.
Goblin: What babe?
Jareth: The babe with the power.
Goblin: What power?
Jareth: The power of voodoo.
Goblin: Who do?
Jareth: You do.
Goblin: Do what?
Jareth: Remind me of the babe.

Final Thoughts: Dance magic! I loved the singing and dancing in the movie. I thought it was wonderful as a kid and even as an adult. I feel it is a great movie for kids, even if David Bowie is wearing some…questionable pants (see above images!). But this movie is so magical and can be looked back on as a timeless classic with great music and a powerful message.

Have you seen this movie? Give us your thoughts!


Originally posted on Geeks and Geeklets 5/23/2015

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