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Over the course of next few weeks, I’m going to start detailing the specifics about the Journey ahead. But I wanted to take a few moments right now and introduce the “origin story” and basis of this entire thing.

If you’ve been watchin’ from the start, you know this has been an EPIC journey for me, and I wouldn’t be talking to everyone in this fashion had I not gained vital, amazing, incredibly AWESOME goals and delightful memories over the first two iterations of my #100days.

So let’s peel back the covers quick and see what started it all:

I wanted to eat three meals a day, sleep better, and stop being depressed.

>>>>>>> That’s it. <<<<<<<

I had no clue that I was heading out on Some Awesome Journey way back on June 1, 2015.100 days cover background

There were many tough days, internal battles with Feral Felicia, and even rough days of anxiety, sadness, and many tears. But the sweet pride, amazing physical transformation (I’m permanently altering slowly instead of a crash/fad diet I’m going to yo-yo on and gain even more back doing quickly), and true, honest, deep, profound, life changing moments, friendships, and memories so so so so outstretch the minutia of negative, that if asked ‘is it worth it?’, without a nanosecond’s hesitation, yes. Y-E-S. Yuuuuusssss!!!!

What do I want you to do?

  • Live healthier.
  • Sleep better.
  • Smile more.
  • Eat properly (for your health requirements, NOT what some celebrity flogs on a commercial!)
  • Become active. some awesome things
  • Find a hobby. Or two. Or 50 if you can find the time!
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help, but don’t be afraid to try it on your own first! (simply put: learn to believe in yourself!)
  • Budget wiser, teach those (including children as young as 3years old – yes, I am serious) around you to be conscientious about saving a penny today for a bigger smile tomorrow. 
  • Quit Smoking, or whatever other “bad habit” you’ve been wanting to break for years and haven’t had the support to do so.

What do I think you can do?

ALL of it. And more. Make friends. Memories. . . In the immortal words of River Song, ‘just you watch us run.’

********DISCLAIMER TIME********

I am not a doctor.

I am not going to endorse particular companies, and I don’t want anyone else to do so either.

If you are considering taking supplements, vitamins, drinking protein shakes in lieu of eating meals, etc. CONSULT A DOCTOR. I am completely serious. Please don’t just spend five minutes or even an hour online searching for potential options for things and expect the results to be instantaneous. As someone married to a PhD Medicinal Chemist, it’s frustrating to see people try to assume that his continuing research, decades of education and practical knowledge and gleaning is tossed away by what someone assumes is the best advice, simply because there is a celebrity endorsement behind it.
Seriouspixie: I understand people want a “quick fix” for things. I get it. It took me 40 years to get into the current shape I am in, and if I had a miracle pill that could instantly erase my stupid choices, my unhealthy past, and the medical issues that I had no control over, SURE I’D TAKE IT! But there isn’t. So you have to acknowledge you are the one responsible NOW for what you do going forward. No more blaming, no more excuses. If you really want this, you’ll accept you are the one who has to get up every day and actively work at it. No one controls your food, medication, sleeping habits, dietary needs, etc. better than you can.

Screenshot 2016-01-23 17.17.34Please know that if you’re coming to the Journey to be challenged and motivated, you’ll find that. If you need a shoulder to lean on in moments of depression, we’ll be here. And yes, there’s a *but* coming: BUT… if you are expecting to merely sit on the sidelines and not participate in your own life, no one can force you to change. You are coming here to be better. I know it can be done because you’re reading these words, and they wouldn’t be here if I wasn’t living proof that perseverance, determination, sweat, self-motivation, and so many more aspects of my viewpoint had to increase or I’d still be sitting in the same size 5XL stretchy loose palazzo pants, instead of size Large pants which now have sufficient “give” to them. You can change your life. Just take ten steps. And then ten more.

Oh look, you’re already heading in the right direction.Some Awesome Journey

Want to be a part of all of this Awesome? Come join the Journey: to get started on your better tomorrows!

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