Introduction: Kyle Stover, Overwatch writer

Originally posted 2016-02-02 20:00:39.

Hello Readers!

My name is Kyle Stover, or Alphalance as you may find me across the internet. Thank you so much for checking out the site.

In early 2015 I got the chance to play the Overwatch demo at PAX East and I have been obsessed with this game since. I have been on numerous sites discussing the game and it’s growing community where every article, video, and interview is dissected for every bit of information we can get on the game.

Here on Geeks & Geeklets I’ll give you the gist of things because we understand that not everyone has the time to pour over hours of videos and novels of articles.

-Kyle “Alphalance” Stover

Blizzcon 2015 Overwatch lineup

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Kyle Stover
A 25-year-old gamer in New York City who hails from the Midwest.
Most Anticipated Game of 2015: Overwatch

I'll be on here giving you information on the newest game from Blizzard Entertainment that I truly believe will be a positive change to the first person shooter genre, if not gaming as a whole.