Welcome Ryan!

Originally posted 2016-02-04 08:00:09.

New G&G minion Ryan Tandy here. Having stumbled across this fine site a little while ago, and after convincing Trey to let me coming aboard, I’m now here as a contributor hoping to add a little British geek class to proceedings.

I am a writer based in the UK (Cardiff* to be precise) and have written for, edited for and podcasted on behalf of various online outlets over the past few years. These include ZombieHamster and Snake Bite Horror (horror), EXP Games (video games) & Talk Comix (comic books), as well as running my own, very sparsely updated blog**. In addition I’ve had a few short horror stories and comics included in numerous anthologies and self published my own comic. In short, I like words.

My life is generally one big fiesta of geek culture; I’m a huge video gamer***, I watch more films and TV shows, and read more graphic novels, than is probably healthy and I’m one of those poor misguided idiots that still believes one day, if we all wish hard enough, there will be another series of Firefly. I’m also notoriously terrible at keeping up with current trends in the geek world, so there’s a good chance I will get to that awesome thing the rest of you are watching/reading/playing in about three years time. When not geeking about the place I like to fail terribly at fixing and building things and eat pizza.

My wife and I are currently child free (although we have a cat who takes up a seemingly disproportionate amount of time), so I will be relying heavily on my geek credentials when writing here. Feel free to drop me a follow on Twitter @thetandyman (I fully intend to start updating this feed again) and let me know what you love/hate about my articles.



* – it’s okay if none of you know where that it is.
** – So sparse that I actually don’t know if it exists anymore. I should probably check that out.
*** – Huge in the sense of commitment, not mass. I’m actually rather svelte.

Ryan Tandy