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Hey everyone, clumsypixie here, just wanting to give everyone a quick update about the transition and what that means for you!

What happened?!?!?!

Honestly, there’s no big changes (or worries needed) here. I’m going to be focusing my attention on the Journey and Creativity groups, and as such, I want to make sure you are receiving the utmost care and attention toward these two focused areas.

Oh no, I feel so lost, what is going on?

sa creativityCreativity and Journey are updating!

Some Awesome Journey

I promise you, there’s only positive coming from this redefined view, and it is something that will give so many the opportunity to ‘stretch their wings’ so to speak (even though they aren’t all pixies!)

Are you still a part of Some Awesome?

Why wouldn’t I want to be a part of something so incredible?

As the direction of Some Awesome is still the betterment of geeks and nerds young and old, and a focus specifically on Minecraft, DekaSteps is dealing with the creative processes needed to walk into a healthier life, while learning how to balance the mind, body, and even finances!

What is going to happen to the Facebook groups of Creativity and Journey?


The bold new look of DekaSteps Creativity and Journey Facebook groups. 


They are going to have more of my attention, and positivity. I’m bringing ‘all the pixie’ and doing what a wise woman told me to do: “You do you, Pixie.” And so I am, and I will be inviting several friends to join me as well on this website, to continue the positive trajectory of Some Awesome, and bring that message of amazingness to a new unexplored area of awesomeness.

My message is clear. Be good, be honest, be creative. Shine.

dekasteps header 3

Where did the name come from?

Deka – is the Greek word for ten.
Steps – all things that are related to this site require steps. Art, recipes, journey goals, even writing an article takes steps.

Those 10 steps that I was so ashamed to admit I couldn’t walk last year, became the catalyst for my first #100days. I would NOT allow myself to sit on the sidelines of my own life any longer. I had to take ten more steps, and then ten more…. …. ….

Special shout out to Torimili for her amazing graphic design skills, as she was the one who crafted the new logo for this website! The DS together forms a new modern yin-yang, and if you look closely, you’ll see the yellow sun and red paint, both shining for all to see and appreciate. Balance is key in everything. urlHead over to Some Awesome and see all their awesome new things! (You’ll be able to find my old stuff over there for my first two #100days!)


Stay tuned, as it’s about to get all kinds of creative crazy up in here! Lace up your shoes, we’re going on an adventure of a lifetime!


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