A Wrench in the Plans

Originally posted 2016-01-25 12:00:11.

Well, no recipe today! haha I was doing my best to make cool things and then the bottom element in my stove blew! So now I have about 4 weeks to wait for the warranty repair guy to come and fix my oven so I can make yummy stuff again! The biggest issue being that my meal plan from last week, is now completely useless! So sad!

I don’t plan for day meals, just dinners, but all our back up food involves the oven, so today I will be sitting and munching salad and trying to figure out how to take my ingredients and make them stovetop friendly! We are also going to try and get a bbq since ours quit this summer, that will help a lot! However good luck to us finding a bbq in January in Canada haha I’ll be lucky if I can find a clearance one left in a store somewhere lol

My Mom is going to let us use her oven to make my daughters birthday cake this week, because you know nothing ever breaks when it’s not important lol It ALWAYS waits until you are in a place where you actually require the item, not when it’s optional!

Here’s the recipe for today! I am going to hit up the grocery store for more lettuce today (not the packaged kind tho because it’s basically all been recalled, here is a link for that:Lettuce recall Info¬†) and then I have some chicken in the freezer that I can fry up in the frying pan with something. ¬†Likely some onions, garlic maybe? Cut that up and add it to my salad tonight. Keep it simple right? So often I am roped into elaborate, which is why I kind of panicked yesterday, how am I gonna cook my stuff?!?!?!

That’s my new plan, keep it simple, meat. Veggies. Fats. Easy. I can do this!