Working Out and Birthdays

Originally posted 2016-01-24 17:00:34.

So just when you thought the holiday gorge season was over a couple of birthdays show up and boom goes the diet.  You know whats harder than being sore and walking around like a penguin?  Standing in front of cake and ice cream and thinking “Fuck it, I am eating all of that right now.” I would be lying if I didn’t indulge in it.  I did, every little bite, it was amazing.  Now during this whole mess, I have been sick which means motivation was at an all time low. In fact I didn’t work out at all the last 4 days as I recover from a painful head cold (I know I am a wuss) and just overall feeling crappy. This week will be torture, I am gonna beat myself up really good.  It is after all the week I find out what my maxes are.  Maxes, what are they?  Well to keep it simple, it’s where you pile on weight until you can’t either press it off your chest, keep it from crushing you like a bug (squats), or blowing out your colon like a bad case of food poisoning (dead lifts).

So after this week I am gonna get back on the train and leave the station hopefully uninterrupted from colds and parties and all that bad nasty food. I have lost 10lbs already which doesn’t seem like much, however it’s great as long as I didn’t eat it all back in the last couple of days.  Either way I am back in the game and hitting it hard.  Ten pounds is just the start, I plan on cutting down at least 30lbs total and increasing my total maxes to at least 300 each. That is my goal, so hopefully I will hit it, might not be this year but I will get close and I will reach my goal.  Here is to being healthy, keep focused and keep pushing.