The Shannara Chrhonicles Episode 4 :Changeling

Originally posted 2016-01-21 17:00:10.


So here we are into week four of the series and I have to admit, I’m liking it more¬†every week. I really enjoyed the books even though the story is a very familiar one. I can move past the commonalities with The Lord of the Rings. However, the acting for a couple of these characters is completely distracting. Sadly if Poppy Drayton weren’t as sexy as she is I doubt she would have gotten the role. At least I’m hoping this is why she got the role. Unless of course she knows someone or the casting director owed someone a favor. I hate being so critical because it’s really not my nature but this being episode four I have to confess it. Watching her act this part is painful. As for the others Bennett, Vanco, Butler and Baquero, I think they are doing an awesome job portraying who these characters are.

Amberle has gone into the Ellcrys and has been tested and passed. The seed from the Ellcrys is in her possession and now she has her mission. The episode is much about the changeling that has been lurking about the Elven grounds. We also find out that Eretria is a part of the group that is set to save the world. Sadly she seduces Wil and of course he loses the Elfstones…..again. It’s hard to have any faith in the guy when he forgets how important these stones really are. Frustrating.

Eretria is accused of trying to murder the Princess and is to be put on trial for her crime. After speaking with Wil about the possibility of Eretria’s innocence Allanon urges Amberle to use Eretria as a decoy to lure the Changeling out of hiding. The plan works and the Changeling is killed ! Or so we think. While the group of heroes is preparing for their journey the poor lad given the task of disposing of the Changeling’s body is killed…by the same Changeling. *gasp*

Next week we’re off on our mission to save The Four Lands and I bet the Dagda Mor is going to be mad, mad, mad ! I’m holding out hope for this series because I actually like the story so far. I’m not impressed by the lead actress and oh I almost forgot ! I’m not used to seeing Elves dress in 80’s attire. Who is in charge of Amberle’s wardrobe ? Why does everyone around her have on typical Elven clothing like leather and fine fabrics and she has on shiny metallic outfits ? Ugh…until next week everyone you can catch all four episodes on