Rainbow Pony Cake

Originally posted 2016-01-21 12:00:21.

I have all girls at my house and we do lot’s of pink, ponies and rainbows (thanks Rainbow Dash). So when we asked our then 4 year old what kind of cake she wanted for her birthday, the answer was easy for her – a pink, rainbow pony cake.  Well that’s easy right???? Haha ya right! However by searching the amazing internets, I found the best youtube channel for baking EVER!!! They also had a tutorial for a rainbow pony cake! JACKPOT!

I’m just gonna go ahead and link her entire channel here: Nerdy Nummies

: Get everything that is listed on the boxes of cake mix.  You need 3 boxes for 6 cakes. Food colouring or gel for the colours  you want in your cake. Icing of your choice.  Fondant if you want to be fancy and make the horse yourself, or you can cheat like me and buy some pony figurines to put on the top of the cake! Two 8 inch cake pans.

The idea for baking the cakes is pretty easy, once you have the batter made like the instructions on the box says, pour half into each greased cake pan.  Then add a different colour to each pan and mix, you repeat this for all 3 boxes of cake.  This was in the end you have 6 layers of cake, all with a different colour!10968580_10155175700545611_5502981410569670750_n

Now when putting the cake together, I learned a tip here – if your cake rounds on the top when baking, take a knife and cut the top rounded part off, making the top of the cake flat.  Put icing on the bottom layer and then put the next layer on face down so your layers lay flat.  This way the edges of the layers won’t sag and cause the cake layers to break!

Happy cake decorating!! This year she wants a Skylanders cake…… I have no idea how I am going to pull that one off yet!