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As we head closer to our first #100days as Some Awesome Journey together, I want to share with everyone the specific Days that we are going to see each week, and what the explanation is for each one.

Keep in mind, DayLites, that we’re looking for a complete life change, not just one aspect.

stats sunday stories sundayStats & Stories Sunday

To kick off the week, we will be sharing our stats (the changes in measurements, weight, budget, health status, plateaus, etc.) and the stories that give us joy and show our accomplishments throughout the week.

From managing to hit goals and targets, to finding reasons to challenge ourselves for the coming week. Positives, negatives, and things to improve on, as long as we’re moving forward, we’re better than we were yesterday!

(Since many people have this day off, this day is reserved as an overall “chill day”.)

monMotivational Monday

Mondays suck. We have rough days, and it’s no fun to trudge out into [what many have as] the first day of their work week in a sour or depressive state. During the first #100days, the #MM was a hit, because it was a day I’d find a cute, nerdy, or silly meme to share with everyone intentionally trying to get a smile or if I was lucky enough a “lol” or longer comment. Mondays don’t need to suck; we just need to make the day mean something better.

tueTen More Tuesday

Ugh. This one makes me groan, because I’ll admit, whenever I was posting this, I was generally at the gym, and adding ten more of anything (generally 10 more minutes on the bike or treadmill, 10 more lbs to the particular piece of equipment before doing ten more squats or crunches or twists or weight lifts or …. well, you get the idea). This is the “physical” aspect of getting healthy, and was inspired by the fact that a year ago at this time, I wasn’t able to take more than 40 steps before needing a 5 minute break because I was so overweight and incredibly out of shape. 10 more steps would take me to another room, and when I was finally able to do even just those ten more before needing a break, I sat down and cried tears of real happiness. Ten more steps. And from that, I give you the hope that you can find ten more each Tuesday, and make them part of your regular routine, so from the start to finish, you’ve added 50 more (insert whatever it is you’re adding 10 more of each Tuesday) “things” [homage to the 50 steps that garnered my elation and empowerment and motivation to do more] into your regular new healthier life. Remember, it’s physical activity we’re going for here, not “ten more donuts” or “ten more minutes or more times I hit my snooze button”, so even if it is *just* ten more steps, that can change your life. I’m proof of that.

wedWalk it off Wednesday

This is a new one for us, as last #100days we were focused on a variety of different tasks on Wednesdays. This one is all about dealing with things, the emotional healthy changes.

When you’re feeling stressed, walk it off. When you’re feeling anxious, walk it off. Even if you’re not physically able to get up and walk around, but stuck sitting at your desk at work, you’re mentally able to just stop and gain perspective. That’s what this is all about. You’re making changes that affect your future. Don’t be someone’s doormat. Don’t let others rent space in your head. Remember that you’re not a spectator in your own life. Get in there, and walk it off, so you can focus on the positives and move forward to a better tomorrow.

thurThoughtful Thursday

Your actions, thoughts, and deeds affect your life, but they also affect the lives of those around you as well. Be it family (including creature companions!), friends, co-workers, strangers you interact with at the grocery store, on a highway, etc. What are you giving the world? Are you a fount of goodness and mercy and kindness? Are you a wallowing pit of negativity and blame and excuses? What you ‘put out’ is what you are going to receive back, so think about what it is you’re doing. Your words can build or break others. Your tone, inflection, and demands on others can be used as helpful or hindrances. Thursdays are about actively trying to change the way we act with others, so we are kinder, more honest, and focused on providing a source of positivity for the universe. And yes, kinder can be more honest as well; the two aren’t mutually exclusive. Honesty with ourselves and others can strengthen communication, deepen bonds, and show maturity, reliability, and strength as well.

friFive Minute Friday

This one is simple: Try to find five minutes in each hour just for you. If you can’t do it every hour, ‘bank’ the time (and yes, keep track each day!), and when you do that, the rules are simple. No work. Focus on YOU. Smile, breathe deep, take that five minutes and recharge. I had suggested this in one of our pre-#100days posts, and our MizzDani has suggested that this become ‘a thing’ for the #100days. Since Fridays in the previous #100days was about a variety of things, having this solidified is a wonderful addition to our daily goals. If this means in that five minutes that you’re able to get even 5 squats or 50 crunches or 500 smiles (yeah, that’s a lot, even for me!), it’s for you to decide. You are the Supreme Ruler of Five Minutes. Do with it as you see fit.

Shout-out Saturday

Did something fantastic happen this week? Did someone inspire you to do more/better/happier/etc? Shout out their name, tell us what they did, and how they are making the world a better place. Encouraging others to be better is empowering, as well as self-rewarding, as you get to reap the benefits not only of their initial delight, but their friendship, and watch them grow into even more beautiful creatures.

Until next time, DayLites.

Just remember, it has to be better tomorrow.


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