Why Reno Why?

Originally posted 2015-11-21 17:00:25.

Well it’s official – I already dislike Reno Jackson. It’s not personal – I’m sure he’s an awesome explorer. However, in Hearthstone … well he’s definitely no friend of mine.

Until Reno I was doing quite well this month. I’m rank 10 as I type – my highest in a good few months. I’ve done this mainly with a run of the mill Dragon Priest deck. Up until last week I was missing Vol’jin and making do with Nefarian but I finally took the plunge and disenchanted some legendaries (I won’t mention which ones in case you think I’m an idiot) and crafted him. And this seems to have paid dividends. Vol’jin’s battlecry switcheroo (he swaps his health with that of another minion) has  allowed me to gain board advantage a good few times and given me some well deserved wins (in my opinion anyway – no doubt my opponents think I’m a good for nothing health stealing swine). But everything changed with the release of League of Explorers last Thursday. Now everyone’s playing control/fatigue decks (with good old Reno of course) and my dreams of legend and future Blizzcon glory (“Look a middle-aged female winner, and a mother too”) are collapsing around my ears.

Reno’s Battlecry reads: “If your deck contains no more than 1 of any card, fully heal your hero.”

So if your opponent has played it right Reno will bring their health back up to 30 when he lands on the board. It’s disheartening to say the least to get an opponent down to say 4 health & then see them play Reno. In one game I still managed to beat my opponent after he did this, but it wasn’t easy. In another game my opponent had both Reno & Ysera’s Dream card (yes I let Ysera live too long) and so was able to play Reno twice. Yes – not far off 60 extra health.  I did not win that particular match. In fairness I imagine if you’re the one playing Reno you’re having no end of fun. However, when you’re the one facing it – well let’s say it’s a rather more frustrating experience.

And I have an added problem – I’ve not even bought LoE yet. I don’t have the gold & I don’t want to pay real money this time round.  I have spent real money on Hearthstone in the past but you have to draw the line somewhere – up until today I was paying a WoW subscription every month (why I’m not from today is another story) and I usually buy every WoW expansion. Blizzard can’t have it all (sorry Blizzard) – there has to be a limit. I’m around 100 gold short of what I need to buy the first wing. But I’m struggling getting gold at the moment as I’ve not been completing many non-Priest quests because I’m trying to focus on the ladder. Of course I could just pull together a deck for whatever quest is on offer & play casual but (a)I don’t have that much play time so when I’m on Hearthstone I want to be laddering (2)Casual is just plain weird a lot of the time – at least you know what you’re getting on the ladder (well you did until LoE anyway).

And even when I complete the first wing & get my Reno will I want to play him? I like my Dragon Priest deck and there’s no place for Reno in it. I need lots of Dragons in my deck (& two of whatever I pick) in order to benefit from all the synergies. I can’t play something that relies on me having only one of each card when I play him. So sorry Reno pal, unless you’re part dragon you’re not joining my team

The Hearthstone meta is bound to be shaken up with LoE & it’s only the first wing. Maybe I was hasty disenchanting some key legendaries (nope still not saying which) in order to craft Voljin since some of those legendaries might well fit the new meta. But hey ho – I like my Dragon Priest deck and I like Voljin. I’ll just have to wait and see what the other wings bring & what it does to the ladder. In the meantime I’ll keep playing & hoping my dragons can do the business.

The road to legend continues.