Video Game Review: Street Fighter V – Beta

Originally posted 2015-12-26 12:00:22.

The Beta didn’t look promising to me after I loaded it up.  I couldn’t get past the “Updating Beta Info” button, because  apparently I am the .01% that doesn’t use a controller for this game – and finding a button layout for my keyboard online was NOT helpful.  I ended up button smashing out of pure frustration – and discovered a  few keyboard buttons:

A: Move Left
D: Move Right
B: Enter/Select
N: Back
Enter: Skip Scenes and Game Menu

Fight Controls:
A: Move Left
D: Move Right
W: Jump
S: Duck
G: Short hand Attack
H: Medium hand attack
J: Strong Hand Attack

B: Low kick attack
H: Medium Kick Attack
J: Strong Kick Attack

Now, I know there are special moves and ways to grab and throw your opponent – because I’m getting my ass kicked by other players who know what the controls are.  There are tutorial fights – however, all of the controls are explained in controller settings – even if you’re just using a keyboard.  This has completely turned me off from the game, as I do not own a controller for it, and I can’t seem to figure out which buttons are dedicated to the special moves.  The layout of my keyboard’s commands are just weird.  I’ve resorted to button smashing, and I’ve only won one game so far.

Me, getting my butt handed to me by another player.

Me, getting my butt handed to me by another player.

You can use the arrows for up/down/left/right.  But with how the action commands are set up and my previous WASD experience (It’s second nature to use WASD), it makes the transition pretty terrible in my opinion.

I wanted to play around in their “Training” game mode as to try to figure out what exactly my special moves are and how to utilize them during game play, but I keep getting queued up for fights and I don’t have any time to experiment with the controls. I’m not going to completely rule it out yet as Beta was just released this morning, but Capcom really needs to think about the minority population NOT using a controller.

I’ve added a gallery of screen shots for the game, so feel free to browse them!  Are you playing the Beta with just the keyboard? If so and you’ve found the buttons for special attacks and grabs/throws and the combos, let me know!


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