Tyrannodorkus, King of the Dorkdom

Originally posted 2015-11-25 12:00:10.

Howdy everyone. My name is Roger and I go by the moniker Tyrannodorkus. I run a gamer blog and have my own YouTube channel and glad to finally push myself and be part of the Geek and Geeklets team. Working together is always fun and hope to do that among this group.

I’m a geek, nerd, and – above all – dork (triple threat). My love is video games and I tend to focus mostly on mechanics and how they work. I’m also a stickler when a game breaks their own rules. I hope to bring my own game reviews and mechanical breakdowns to Geeks and Geeklets on the blog side, and some funny shorts and how-to videos on the YouTube side.

Some interesting personal stuff to share are I’m a web developer by trade and have a twin brother. I also like to keep things short and sweet so I’ll end it here. Hope to bring lots to the Geeks and Geeklets group.

I'm a dorky gamer that likes the weird and unique and loves breaking down the mechanics of games. If you like to see more dorky goodness or what is random on my mind, you can find more on my personal gaming blog, tyrannodorkus.com.