To Legend and Beyond

Originally posted 2015-12-05 12:00:34.

Well I ended my November Hearthstone series at rank 13. At one point I hit rank 10 – I’m so disappointed to have slipped back to 13. My Dragon/Vol’Jin Priest deck let me down (how could you Vol’Jin after I disenchanted so many cards to craft you!) & I spent too much time doing daily quests with classes I’m not that keen on just to get enough gold to buy LoE wings. It’s a hard life isn’t it?! I think the LoE cards were worth it in the end though. Not so much Reno – I did try him (yes despite the fact I recently wrote about my Reno Jackson woes I did end up trying out a few Reno decks) but I did not have much success. I tried a Warlock Reno combo thinking I could life tap my way to Reno victory – I ended up life tapping my way to death;  I then tried a Mage one which I had one win without even drawing Reno and several losses where the Reno health gain proved totally irrelevant.

No the card I’m enjoying most is the Hunter Tomb Spider card. I’ve been playing quite a bit of this deck & doing quite well with it. This isn’t a Face Hunter deck – something I’m glad of as I hate playing Face Hunter (I always feel slightly ashamed as if I’m taking some low road to victory, even though I am really poor at playing Face Hunter and rarely achieve any victories!). Generally I’m a “control the board” gal & this new Hunter deck allows me to do this while making the most of all the lovely beast synergies the deck has on offer (& I have now randomly drawn King Krush so many times I can finally come to terms with disenchanting him so many moons ago).

I also now have the new Shaman one drop Tunnel Trogg so I thought about trying the Shaman deck everyone is excited about where the Tunnel Trogg allows you to turn the overload mechanic to your advantage. However, I disenchanted my only Doomhammer two weeks or so ago to craft Vol’jin for my Dragon Priest deck and … well you know where this is going.  So right now the Shaman deck is not for me.

Finally there’s also a new Pally card that seems quite good (Keeper of Uldaman) and I have added it to my Pally deck. However, I don’t have Justicar so I’m not that hopeful – this deck seems to be the standard. Nevertheless, I have played two games with it – one narrow victory over a Rogue (I had one health & Tirion on the board, he had  already played his two Saps so yay- cue Valeera huffily giving up); then a loss with a Warlock who outplayed me with a well-timed Sylvanas (no yay – cue Uther standing shamefaced in the corner – bad old Uther – you should know how to handle Sylvanas by now).

So what am I playing today  – well actually I’m playing a new Dragon Priest deck! Yes life comes full circle and of course I’m Welsh so I find it hard to keep away from the dragons. So far one loss and one win. The story of my Hearthstone life it seems. At this rate I’ll end the month in exactly the same position as I’ve started it.

But no! That’s not good enough! I have a lot to do this month. I want to get further up the ladder than I’ve ever been before – in fact to Legend & beyond, because from this month on if you achieve Legend you get World Championship points. Yes WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP points! You all know I want to be the first ever middle-aged female Welsh winner of Blizzcon. Unlikely – yes. A worthy dream – perhaps. So here goes another month on my journey to Legend and beyond. This could be history in the making 🙂



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