State of the NaNo Madness Update, Week One!

Originally posted 2015-11-09 17:00:41.


The second week of NaNoWriMo is upon us, and those of us here at Geeks and Geeklets that are participating have been hard at work, cranking out word counts.  One of the most important things we’ve had to keep in mind is that NaNo is a game of Blackjack, not Poker.  That’s right.  We’re just trying to beat the House by getting to 50,000 words in thirty days, not trying to beat each other.  And something most of us don’t realize, when we craft a post during this month for the site, which we love to do, we should consider counting those words too!

Anyway, Trey, our intrepid leader, has clocked in at 4212 words.  She doesn’t have a working title at this point, but her horror story is described thusly:
“After years of training Eva is heading to her final destination. She is a trained Tactician but has only been in simulated combat. Now off to fight the monsters with her coworkers, will she be able to survive the mental torment that comes with the battlefront?”  I think it’s interesting that she and I seem to be at least recycling old character names from games we both played in for our protagonists.  Kinda cool.

New Mom Allison has clocked in an impressive 7259 words on her project, The Supervillain’s Daughter.  A young adult sci-fi story, Allison describes the story this way:

“Being the daughter of one of the most successful villains and leader of the Subversive Six in New Superior isn’t easy.  She has to keep her father’s secret, listen to the constant fear-mongering of the news media and her classmates, not to mention worrying about her father every time he does battle with The Guardian, New Superior’s resident hero.

When her worst nightmare comes true and her father is killed at the hands of The Guardian, her world is thrown upside down and she vows to make the Guardian pay for what he did to her father.  With the manifestation of powers of her own, she starts down the twisted road of vengeance allying with her father’s former villainous comrades.

But there are two sides to every story and not everything is as it seems…”  Kind of looking forward to more about that one.

Super busy mom, Rene has put in a really solid 9742 words on her novel Sage Maitland, a Dark Urban Fantasy story about “a half-fae doing her best to live in the human world. But things change when the college professor is attacked by a demon dog, the first of events which reveals she is more than she ever thought and could be the harbinger of Armageddon. Her only hope of surviving without ending the world is with Devlin Weir, a faerie prince who spent 10 years trying to kill her.”

Misty has put in a respectable 6024 words on her Supernatural Werewolf story, Breaking the Siege.  She tells us her story can be summed up this way:

“Rhylyn and crew have been enduring the relative safety and peace of Sanctuary. Tension between her group and the Tribe has been mounting for the few months they have spent together. When a cluster of dead Kin appear on the Point, the peace is broken and the real trial begins testing their courage, loyalty, and bonds of the pack.”  Something tells me that the crap is really going to hit the fan in this one.

And finally, myself, Erik, has put in 20,210 words so far, pushing to make a solid start as I know the rest of my month could easily go right to crap soon.  My story is a sequel to the NaNo I completed in 2013, and is titled Debts Owed, Promises Kept.  If I were to have this published, the back teaser would read:
“Just ten short months ago, Quinn Franklin saved the life of a dear friend and became a part of a larger world he never knew existed.  And in the process, he found himself making a promise in order to get information that would help save the life of Jennifer Mallard.

“And now his marker has come due.

“Drawn into a turf war between a Willworking nightclub owner and a group of life-sucking parasites (no, not lawyers, vampires), Quinn finds that his abilities are taxed to their limits and beyond as it sinks into him that though his world is now larger, it’s also a Hell of a lot darker, too.

“Pittsburgh is the Steel City, but if Quinn, and maybe a couple of his friends, don’t get the job done, it may change hands and become something even bloodier.”  I am hoping to make it past the halfway mark early in the second week of NaNo.

Please, if any of these interest you, or you want to know more, tell us in the comments below!  And be our cheerleaders!  Quite often we peter out as writers because we start to think people won’t care about our stories.  Here is your chance to tell us otherwise.

See you next week with another update!