Bore Da from a Welsh Geeky Parent

Originally posted 2015-11-03 12:00:19.

I’m so excited to be writing my introductory post for Geeks and Geeklets. It’s great to be part of the community. But what to say, what to say? Umm ok, as Julie Andrews would say, let’s start at the very beginning. My name is Michelle and I live in Wales, UK. I’m known as Bravetank  on my World of Warcraft blog and TeriShelly on my YouTube channel (although the latter is watched only by my  loyal husband and daughter – bless them). I am primarily a World of Warcraft, Hearthstone & Minecraft player. I wish I could play more games – in particular I wish I had more time to get into The Secret World as I really enjoyed the little I played of that game.  But time is a diminishing resource, particularly now I’m also in the process of learning Unity (I still hold out the (vain?) hope I’ll be able to create my own game some day).

As well as being a gamer I’m also the mother of a soon to be eight year old daughter. It was through my daughter that I discovered Minecraft and the “joys” of having Minecraft YouTubers on my television 24/7. I think my attempts to make my own YouTube videos are really an attempt to gain some streetcred with my daughter (although of course using the term streetcred loses me any I might have gained). I’ve introduced my daughter to carefully selected parts of the World of Warcraft (all parental controls in place with chat turned off etc). She loves pet battling, mount collecting and having lots of gold but hates anything that involves work of any kind. So I tend to hear a lot of “Will you catch this pet for me?”, “Will you give me a zillion gold?” and “Why can’t I ride a mount at level 1 – it’s sooooo unfair”. I do try to explain that WoW is the sort of game where you have to work for your rewards but that it’s worth it (usually) and that this is true of life in general (usually) and listen up kid, these are life lessons and I’m giving you pearls here … but by this time she’s ignoring me and squeeing at the squirrels in Stormwind

For Geeks and Geeklets I’ll be making some Roblox YouTube videos and some Minecraft Let’s Plays and writing some posts on my trials and tribulations in Hearthstone. I’m trying to learn Roblox so that I can help my daughter get her head around making her own games. She made one attempt to do this in Roblox but gave up when she couldn’t make a door look like a door (it looked like a tree).  She was rather exasperated and we heard lots more on the general unfairness of life. My attempts to explain the value of following a tutorial fell on deaf (and rather angry) ears. So I would like to create some videos showing me learning Roblox from scratch by following some tutorials to help her understand that tutorials really can help – yes I know – more life lessons. The Minecraft Let’s Plays are for fun and for me to get my head around some of the cool Minecraft modpacks that are available- I hope to be starting with Agrarian Skies where you basically have to build a world from scratch (I expect I will quickly destroy the last remaining tree and slowly starve to death but it might be entertaining). On my own YouTube channel I’ve been attempting the Mage Quest modpack. It’s not proven easy given my general ineptitude at recording – every episode seems to have a buzz, a blur, a silence (I left mute on) or a chopped off bit of screen. Yes it’s a lesson of how not to be a YouTube pro. And Hearthstone – well I love the game but rarely get above level 13. Each rollercoaster month is both the best of times and the worst of times. I am hopelessly devoted to my chosen deck when I win, but it’s quickly dead to me when I lose (yes I am given to extremes). Anyway I’ll be writing about my attempts to reach the ever allusive rank of Legend (may the force be with me).

So that’s me in a three paragraph nutshell. I’m over the moon to be part of this community and I (and my daughter I’m sure) hope to be worthy Geeks and Geeklets.