Bad Santa Movie Review

Originally posted 2015-12-27 20:00:31.

Bad Santa Review
Grade: D

Expletive expletive expletive.

That’s all this movie is; a series of F words, S words, C, D, and B words.Bad Santa

Billy Bob Thorton and Tony Cox pose as Santa and an Elf to gain access to shopping malls, stealing their merchandise and cash after hours. Thornton stars, if you’d call it that, as a foul mouthed, alcoholic, dead-beat thief, cussing his way through scene after scene.

Overly predictable and lacking any type of substance or character development, the plot just kind of happens. Mirroring the Grinch, Scrooged, and countless others; 90 minutes later and the protagonist appreciates the holiday and their friends/family.

Once you get over the shock appeal of a cursing Santa, you’ll see how little this movie has to offer. If you’re not 16 or on some type of illegal substance you’ll see this for the abomination of a Christmas movie that it is.

We are all now dumber for having watched this movie.

Andy Knauff